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5 Amazing benefits of wool.

5 Amazing benefits of wool.

1. Wool is resistant to mould, bacteria and mildew, which can trigger allergic reactions in some people.

Woolly sheep

2. Dust mites don't like wool, because wool naturally wicks away moisture creating an environment which is too dry for dust mites to live in. 

Resting sheep

3. Wool is easy to clean, because of the lanolin which is found naturally in wool and the way the fibres are made. You can just give it a shake and it will stay clean and dust free.

Sheep Wool

4. Wool is hard wearing and long lasting - but ultimately at the end of its life, it is also a natural product, meaning that it is biodegradable and renewable.

5. Wool is durable. The fibres have a natural crimp in them, which allows them to bounce back to shape. This means your blanket won't look flattened if its been sat on, on a sofa. Just give it a shake.

As an asthmatic, I have been slowly changing my personal possessions to natural wool products. This includes a wool duvet and pillows, woolly cardigans and a merino wool throw to snuggle under when I am watching TV.

After a recent count up - I think there are 5 blankets in use in our house, and I don't think they all get used by me. Both my husband and my cats appear to have adopted their favourite wool throws as well. So not only are there the listed benefits of wool, but also the aesthetic benefits of wool blankets looking great in your home.

If you want to know more, take a look at our article on merino wool and also the types of wool that are used to make our blankets and throws.



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