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Do you have a favourite armchair in your home? Here at Country Mouse – we have a very unassuming single armchair, which is definitely the favourite armchair in our house. The chair is incredibly comfortable and layered with wool throws which makes this a gorgeous cosy corner.

Surprisingly this single armchair is in the kitchen, not the lounge. I am not very conventional at all.

Why is it my favourite armchair?

It’s not really my favourite armchair, it’s the favourite armchair.

In the mornings I like to sit and eat my breakfast, which is granola (with fresh fruit if you’re really interested) drink my tea and ease myself into the day. The armchair is next to my kitchen window, which is floor to ceiling, so I get plenty of sunlight to start my day. The chair is big enough for me to curl up in and snuggle up in a wool throw.  I often sit here and read, catch up on emails and plan my week. It’s so much cosier than sitting in the office. It’s a much more creative space as I can be inspired by the changing landscape outside my window. I have realised that I am not the only one who likes this armchair….

I have also discovered that my husband also likes the favourite armchair, as its somewhere he can sit in peace and quiet and read in the evenings, and while I am sure he will deny it, I’m also sure he’ll be tucked up under a wool throw in the winter there as well.

Late at night our cat will snuggle into a wool throw on the armchair. I have come to realise that it is the most used, as well as favourite armchair in the house.

What makes a chair a favourite chair is usually dependent upon how comfy it is and where it’s positioned. Our chair is situated beside a window overlooking the garden, so that during the day the sun comes in and in the evenings there’s a wool throw to pull over you if it gets cold.

Below I’ve picked out four lovely wool throws that are a perfect partner for an armchair, whether it’s for a kitchen, conservatory or a more formal room in your house.

1. Tartan armchair throw.

Royal stewart armchair throw

To start, I’ve picked out the Royal Stewart merino wool throw. The Royal Stewart Tartan is a classic and statement throw. The throw is made from 100% merino lambswool and has vibrant red tones. Perfect for adding colour to your home. The merino lambswool is highly breathable so you will stay at just the right temperature.

2. Modern armchair throw

Beige multispot armchair throw

For my second choice it must be the beige multi spot merino wool throw. This is a much more contemporary design. The throw features a neutral beige background with fun and vibrant spots in a repeat pattern. The reverse of the throw is vibrant and contrasts to the front. Its like having two throws in one. The beige multi spot is a timeless classic and will always be on trend.

3. Herringbone armchair throw

The herringbone pattern is a classic design which has stood the test of time. Our herringbone wool throws are available in pure new wool, Shetland wool and merino lambswool. There are plenty of colours to choose from including soft pastels, duck egg, light sage, rich tones such as saffron and cool vintage grey. Herringbone wool throws are destined to be an armchair favourite.

You can read more about duck egg throws in my blog five duck egg throws for your home and I have also written a blog about our herringbone wool throws, if you want to know more.

4. The Milan Pattern

Eucalyptus milan armchair throw

The final choice is the eucalyptus milan merino wool throw. This gorgeous throw features a wonderful blend of teal green and grey tones with a contemporary geometric pattern. The almost tropical green and teals make a soothing calm wool throw which will be perfect for your favourite armchair.


British armchair throws

I must admit that all of the favourites that I have selected are all merino wool throws, made in the UK. This is because if you are looking for a wool throw to snuggle in on your favourite armchair, then merino is, in my opinion, the softest and cosiest wool there is. Merino lambswool fits those criteria. The fibres are incredibly soft and gentle on the skin. Its breathable and feels just like a cosy warm hug from a blanket. You can read more about merino wool in my blog on the softest wool throws.

Leave a comment below – who uses your favourite armchair and have they got a wool throw to go with it?


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