Best Dachshund collection

Merino wool socks featuring a Dachshund pattern have been a long-time best seller and its popularity is just as strong as peoples love for the dachshund breed of dogs.

If you want to send a gift to someone with a dachshund or to somebody who loves them, then our collection may help you.

  • Merino lambswool socks with a fun repeat dachshund pattern
  • Merino lambswool small hottie with a repeat dachshund pattern
  • Blue and Orange organic cotton sausage dog socks
  • Denim and yellow organic cotton sausage dog socks
  • Knee high merino lambswool socks with a fun repeat dachshund pattern.
Dachshund wool socks

Our women's merino lambswool socks are made from high quality soft merino. These socks are perfect for padding about the house, or wearing in boots and shoes. They can also be used as bed socks. I often use them as walking socks.

Our organic cotton socks are not only highly breathable, (as are all natural fibres), they are also incredibly soft. These organic cotton socks are perfect for wearing in shoes, boots and about your home.

Dachshund hot water bottle

Our small merino lambswool hot water bottles are made from 100% merino lambswool which has been gently felted for extra softness. This makes these hot water bottles even more cosy. The set comes with a hot water bottle which is made from thermos plastic which is odour free and can be cleaned. Thermo plastic is also latex free. The roll neck design makes for easy filling.

The dachshund dog pattern is a very popular one and our collection will continue to grow, keep an eye out for new additions.

Do let us know what patterns or products you like the best in the comments below.

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