Country Mouse Winter Essentials

Winter is the season to get cosy. It can also be a season where getting out in the countryside can be rewarding. The air is clean and crisp and there is great light. All these things are a bonus during the months where daylight can be fleeting. I love nothing more than putting on a pair of walking socks, a warm jumper, coat, hat, and my walking boots and walking in the great outdoors.

I often find that the tracks and hills are much quieter than in the summer. I feel that I have the countryside to myself which is great as it helps me to think and clear my head. Walking and having the horse has been a great help for my mental health during the long winters.

So my top 5 winter essentials are:

  1. A good pair of warm socks. If you want a good pair of walking socks, our alpaca socks are perfect. I have worn alpaca walking socks on some very long and tricky hikes as well as on shorter routes. They are a must have if you are walking. If you want lounging socks for watching your favourite film or Netflix, you need our alpaca bed socks. To keep warm and cosy at home or the office, our merino socks are just what you need.
  2. Having a horse and being outside my hands take a lot of punishment, so I use a lot of hand cream. I am a big fan of Bramley hand cream it contains lavender, Geranium, petigrain essential oils. I buy it from a local shop called Number Ten. Bramley is also a Wiltshire business local to me.
  3. A lambswool jumper is a must to keep you warm in winter. Lambswool is highly breathable. I wear a zipped lambswool jumper, made in Scotland from 100% soft lambswool. I just adore these quarter zip jumpers. They are easy to wear, keep you warm and they are great for layering.
  4. After spending time in the great outdoors, I love the snuggle up on the sofa with a good book and a cosy wool throw. Merino wool throws are incredibly warm and cosy and incredibly soft and gentle against the skin. Perfect for warming up after a day outside.
  5. My final winter warmer is a small hot water bottle. Our hot water bottles are latex free, so no nasty odours and the covers are made from gently felted merino lambswool. These are perfect for helping you warm up and I just find them so comforting.

Natural fibres are the perfect way to stay warm this winter. Unlike synthetics they breathe and will help you stay warm without making you sticky and sweaty. A wool throw, good socks, jumper and a hot water bottle will keep the chill at bay and help you through the cold winter months.

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