Dusky pink wool throws and beyond

A quick online search for a pink wool throw is more often than not rewarded with pages of dusky pink herringbone or dusky pink beehive throws all looking remarkably the same.

If you are looking for a pink wool throw I completely understand if your feeling a little bewildered, confused or feel like you have stumbled upon a confusing wall of pink.

Other shades of pink.

Pink wool throws are not just available in light dusky pink tones. Pink ranges from very soft light tones to pretty pastel pinks. Here's a list of a few more pinks:

  • Blush pinks.
  • Rose pinks.
  • Flamingo pinks.
  • Hot pinks such as fuchsia or cerise.  

I am sure there are many other pinks.

Paint charts always have fabulous names for pinks. I think it’s important to just pick a pink that you like. Pink is a versatile colour and is a very popular colour for wool throws.

Contrasting colours

Pink is a great colour to blend and contrast with other colours for a lovely on trend aesthetic. Pinks can also blend with each other. For example, our dusky pink beehive wool throw will work well with the grey and pink block check wool throw.

For contrasting colours, pink works well with blues, green and pink is great, I love dark green and light pastel pinks. Soft pastel tones will always work well together.

Grey and pink is a colour combination that is a timeless classic. Grey is a neutral tone and will blend very well with pinks of any shade. Pink will add warmth to a grey colour scheme. A hot cerise or fuchsia pink will add personality and character.

Pinks also works with aqua blues. Pink is such a versatile colour and there are plenty of wool throws at Country Mouse that are pink but not necessarily dusky pink.

Favourite pink throws.

Our favourite pink wool throws include many different tones and patterns. The different patterns will also enhance the shade and tone of pink. I’ve picked out 4 pink wool throws, so you can really see the differences available to you.

Pink Shetland wool throw

1. Our first pink wool throw is our Shetland pink herringbone. Herringbone is a timeless classic pattern. This tone of pink is a dusky rose pink. It’s a slightly stronger colour than the dusky pink beehive throw. However, its still a soft tone.

Cerise pink herringbone merino wool throw

2. Our second pink throw is the cerise merino wool throw. This throw is a much hotter pink with a classic herringbone pattern. This throw will plenty of colour and warmth to your home. This throw is great to blend with other tones or as a statement pop of colour. Cerise is a reddish pink.

Fuchsia pink diamond merino wool throw

3. Number three has to be a fuchsia diamond merino wool throw. It is such a bright pop of colour. It is a different tone of pink to the cerise. Fuchsia is a magenta rose pink tone. It is on the hot end of pink.



JJ pink pig wool throw
4. Our fourth choice is the JJ textile pig blanket is mid blossom pink and makes number four on this list. This blanket is a really popular design. The blanket is finished with a traditional blanket stitch edge.


Pink contrasts well.

Pink contrasts well with other colours. Especially greys. The following designs are largely greys with pink.

  • Snowshill pink and grey Shetland wool throw
    Snowshill grey and pink Shetland
    . This grey and pink Shetland has lovely tones of grey and pinks woven in a classic plaid design. This throw just shows how perfect grey and pink are together.

  • Charcoal and dusky pink wool throw
    Charcoal and dusky pink wool throw. This is a lovely throw made from pure new wool with a classic block check pattern. The throw has dusky pinks with charcoal, grey and cream tones. This throw will blend well with any pink or neutral scheme.

Pink is a very varied colour.

There really is pink beyond dusky pink. Pink wool throws are available in a wide range of patterns from beehive, herringbone, and diamond pattern. They are also available in other wools not just pure new wool. If you want a pink wool throw in a much softer, more luxurious wool you can’t go wrong with a cosy soft merino wool throw. Our Shetland wool throws are soft and cosy and available in soft pinks and plaid patterns. There are pink throws with neutral colours such as grey and charcoals.

I really hope you do venture beyond dusky pink and explore the whole range of pink wool throws that are out there.

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