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Five duck egg wool throws for your home.

What colour is duck egg?

Is it blue, is it green, or is it grey? Good question. Duck egg can best be described as a pale blueish green. I know colour can be subjective. Colours can vary depending on the light in a particular room. Different furnishings and décor can highlight colours or help different colours to blend. Duck egg can sometimes be seen as grey. The lines between blue, green and grey can sometimes blur to give this impression. We have all looked at a paint chart and been convinced that we are looking at and choosing a blue but it looks more like grey and vice versa.

Why is duck egg such a popular colour?

Duck egg has and still is a very popular colour. It is also incredibly versatile which has helped its popularity. It blends really well with pinks, greens, turquoise, greys, taupe and creams. No wonder duck egg is here to stay.

Here at Country Mouse our duck egg wool throws cover a wide range of shades and patterns. Each of these different designs can highlight different shades and tones of duck egg.

Our five favourite duck egg colour throws are.

1. Eucalyptus herringbone merino wool throw.

Eucalyptus herringbone merino wool throw

This gorgeous throw has the perfect green blue duck egg colour. If you love the greener end of the duck egg spectrum this throw is definitely for you. It has an aquamarine feel to it. The herringbone pattern is a timeless classic pattern and will readily blend with other more complex patterns. Made from merino wool, this throw is soft and lightweight. Perfect for a classic and contemporary look.


2. Duck egg Shetland wool throw.

Our second choice is the duck egg Shetland wool throw. This Shetland throw is a soft light blue, almost on the greyish blue scale. This throw is perfect to blend with the other designs and colours plus it fits really well with any scandi inspired interiors.

3. Duck egg or aqua merino wool throw.

Aqua herringbone duck egg merino wool throw

Our third choice is the aqua herringbone merino wool throw which is again on the duck egg wave length. This throw is a very similar colour to the duck egg Shetland wool throw but just a different wool. Again, this classic herringbone pattern is great as a stand-alone pattern or great to lend with other designs and colours.


4. Ocean beehive.

Ocean beehive duck egg wool throw

Our fourth wool throw is the very lovely ocean beehive. Made from pure new wool this throw is a soft greenish blue. A perfect duck egg tone. It really is like looking out to sea on a warm summers day. When the weather is cold and miserable this throw is great to snuggle up in.



5. Aqua Shetland wool throw.

Aqua duck egg herringbone Shetland wool throw

Our last throw is the aqua Shetland. This herringbone wool throw is quite a bright and vibrant duck egg tone. It is more of the warm turquoise end of the duck egg spectrum. This throw is great for adding colour but still keeping it on the duck egg theme. Again this throw can be blended with other patterns or colours and will add a scandi feel.

And a bonus throw the aqua milan merino wool throw.

Aqua milan and duck egg merino wool throw

As an encore the aqua milan is a great throw for those who want more of a pattern. This throw is still well within the duck egg remit but has the additional benefit of having blue, aqua and creams. The geometric pattern adds texture and interest. This throw will blend well with the aqua herringbones.



Hopefully this has given you a few ideas to choose the right shade of duck egg wool throw for home. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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