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Get Christmas wrapped up

Get Christmas wrapped up

Christmas shopping is something I often leave to the last minute. I have quite a small family so its quite easy to do a quick wander around the shops. Okay, quick is probably and little farfetched! I enjoy shopping at Christmas. It’s the one time of year I can quite happily wander from shop to shop seeking out gifts and stocking fillers that are a little different from the mass produced made in China offerings. It’s quite tricky, but they are out there.

I always find myself in a book shop. I find that bookshops are a safe place for me at Christmas and I must confess, that I often buy quite a few books for myself as well. I once bought a book for a family member and one for my mum and got them completely mixed up. The one my mum received had some, erm interesting content!! She didn’t really pass comment, but I think that was more out of embarrassment. All I will say is that it wasn’t her normal Dick Francis novel.

I love to shop at independent shops. I find that, they have a wonderful hand picked selection and great product knowledge. Plus, they often give great ideas for gifts that you may not have thought of. I have some lovely independents in my local town and like a lot of high streets, times are tricky and uncertain but I think and hope that those with enough passion and determination will thrive.  

This year, I have put together three handpicked gift guides available online. One for her, one for him and gifts under £50. If you are looking for something a little different to the usual stocking fillers check out the under £50 collection. These ideas will last well beyond Christmas. I promise they don’t need batteries, make annoying noises, or break on day one. They will continue to keep you warm and cosy well beyond Christmas.

Gifts under £50
Gifts for her

 Gifts for him





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