Gift guide for wildlife lovers

Gift guide for wildlife lovers

Welcome to the wildlife edit. Country Mouse really is at home in the countryside, so we’ve put together the wildlife edit as a gift guide for wildlife lovers, because wildlife is one of our favourite topics to talk about.

Country Mouse is very much at home and at peace when out in the big open spaces and woodlands. I will venture into towns and cities, but I can’t wait to be back in the rolling hills.

For countryside and wildlife lovers.

Our wildlife edit is a celebration of the rich and varied wonders of the wild world. Whether that’s a wool throw with an amazing design, a pair of socks with a cute squirrel or a hot water bottle with a charming blue tit. This collection is for all countryside and wildlife lovers out there.

My first suggestion is always going to be a wool throw. Our JJ textile throws are really a work of art. Designed by the very talented Jacky they are available as a wool throw with a gorgeous thick tassel fringe, or with a traditional blanket stitch. The JJ textile owl blanket is a lovely conker brown with a repeat owl pattern in various poses. This blanket is so sumptuous that when you wrap yourself into its really like being hugged.

JJ Textiles Owl Blanket

The reverse of the blanket is creamy white with the owl pattern in reverse. I can guarantee that this blanket will be a firm favourite for those who not only love wildlife, but also adore owls.


My next blanket is the very cute and charming hedgehog. We have all seen the news that hedgehogs are sadly declining in numbers. I am very lucky that I have a regular hedgehog visiting my garden. My neighbour and I have made our boundaries friendly to these adorable countryside creatures.

J J Textiles Hedgehog wool throw

This blanket is a soft brown colour with a repeat hedgehog pattern showing the hedgehogs in various poses. The blanket is finished with a traditional blanket stitch around the edge.

My third throw is a JJ textile pheasant throw. This throw is in a lovely soft grey. This throw has a fox in the centre with pheasants and hares and  is perfect for those who love the countryside.

J J Textiles Taupe Hare wool throw

My fourth choice of wool throw is the JJ textile taupe hare wool throw. This hare throw is a soft taupe brown with a repeat hare pattern. I absolutely adore hares. They are such magical creatures. I have been very lucky to see several hares locally and always have to take time to watch them. This hare wool throw is a really popular design. Perfect for those who love hares and the countryside.

Browse our JJ Textiles collection and see our latest designs

Short merino wool socks

Its not just wool throws that are great gifts for wildlife lovers. Our merino wool socks also make fantastic gifts. Made from 80% soft merino lambswool, these socks are perfect for walking, festivals, skiing or just padding about the house. They are also great as stocking fillers.

Running fox short merino wool socks (4-7)

The first pair of socks which make great gifts for wildlife lovers are a pair of fox socks. This pair of wool fox socks are available in size 4 -7. There are also fox socks available in size 8-11. This pair have a dark oat base with a fun repeat orange fox pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a contrasting teal colour.


Ginger and navy short merino wool crow socks(uk size 4-7)

Our next pair of size 4 -7 socks are a pair of ginger crow birds. All wildlife matters. This pair of socks has a rich buttery yellow colour with a repeat black crow pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a contrasting sage colour.



Pink Squirrel merino short wool socks (uk 4-7)

Our squirrel socks are a so cute. They base of the socks is a soft oat with a fun pink squirrel pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a forest green. These socks are one of our most popular.




Rust and grey short merino wool badger socks. (uk 4-7)

Another really popular pair of socks which are also available in size 8 -11 but with a different heel, toe and rib are our badger socks. Our badger socks have been a big hit since they first landed at Country Mouse. This pair feature a warm terracotta base with a fun repeat badger pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a contrasting turquoise colour.


Pink and khaki bluetit short merino wool socks (UK shoe size 4-7)

Our final pair of ankle socks in size 4 -7 are a cute pair of bluetits socks. Our khaki and pink blue tits socks are a really popular design. They have a pretty rose pink base with a repeat blue tit pattern, The heel, toe and rib are a khaki moss green colour. These socks are perfect for any bird fan.


Browse our range of short merino wool socks and see the latest designs.

Knee high merino wool socks.

For those who want extra warmth, knee high socks are the way to go. Our knee high wool socks contain 80% merino lambswool and they don’t fall down. I have many pairs of these socks and wear them very frequently in boots at the stables. They stay in place and keep me toasty and warm.

Blush rabbit knee high merino wool socks. (uk shoe size 4-7)

My suggestion for knee high socks would be a pair of blush rabbit socks. I think they are rabbits some people think they are hares. That’s fine by me! This pair of socks is a lovely raspberry blush pink with a repeat white rabbit pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a contrasting copper colour. They would make a great gifts or stocking filler but combined with a JJ textile throw would make a wonderful present.

Browse our full range of women's merino knee length socks

Merino wool socks (8-11)

My first suggestion for ankle socks for those with a size 8-11 shoe size is a pair of sage running fox socks. This pair of socks has an oat base with a fun repeating running orange fox pattern.

My second choice is the very popular and charming pair of badger socks. This pair of badge socks has a terracotta base with a fun repeat badger pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a contrasting yellow ginger colour. Our badger socks have been a really popular design.

There are also badger socks in size 8- 11 with a khaki moss green base, The heel, toe and rib are a warm contrasting terracotta colour.

Browse the men's merino wool socks range for more ideas. 

Knee high merino wool socks (8-11)

If you want knee high socks in size 8-11, there are some charming designs.

Khaki knee high badger merino wool socks

My first choice here, are the badger socks. I know, I have badger socks in small and large ankle socks, but the knee high are available in two different colours. There are terracotta knee high socks and also khaki green knee high wool socks. Both have the fun repeat badger pattern.


Knee high merino wool socks - running foxes

My second choice is a pair of sage running fox socks. This pair are similar to the short socks. They have a sage base with a fun repeat running orange fox pattern. These socks are perfect for wearing in wellies or country boots when you are out walking and enjoying the countryside.

For my final choice, I have chosen something that is a little different. The countryside and wildlife doesn’t have to just be about the animals and creatures that reside there. It can be about the landscape as well.

Men's knee high merino wool socks - navy forest

This pair of socks have a navy forest pattern. The socks have a stylish silhouette forest pattern and a silver grey background. The heel, toe and rib are a lovely warm pop of orange. After all, the wildlife often live in woodland and forests.


See the full range of men's knee high merino wool socks.

Small hot water bottles with wool covers.

Merino lambs wool hot water bottles also make great gift ideas for those who love wildlife. Our small fox hot water bottle is a perfect cosy gift for those who love to snuggle up. Enjoy this cute hot water bottle on glamping trips, trips away or at sleepovers. The cover is made from softly felted merino lambs wool which make it so soft and helps it to stay warmer for longer. The bottle is made from thermoplastic which is odour free and latex free.

Bluetits mini wool hot water bottle cover and bottle

Our blue tits small hot water bottle is another great gift idea for wildlife lovers. This one has a soft blush pink background with a fun repeat blue tit pattern. This small hot water bottle can be paired with the blue tits socks for a cute and cosy present.


Mini hot water bottle cover and bottle - Bees merino wool cover

My third choice for a small hot water bottle is the grey bees. This cosy little hot water bottle has a soft grey base with a fun repeating yellow bee pattern. This hot water bottle also has matching socks for a cosy gift set idea.


Follow the link for more small hot water bottles.


Organic Cotton Socks

If wool is not for you, we have organic cotton cotton socks available in two sizes, UK shoe size 4 – 7 and also UK shoe size 8 – 11. The socks have a high(80%) organic cotton content making them highly breathable and will help keep your feet feeling fresh and happy. Plus, the patterns and colour combinations will certainly put a smile on your face. My husband has a pair of bee socks and he says they make him smile and cheer up his day.

Women's 80% organic cotton socks - Purple Bees

My first choice for size 4 -7 are the purple bee socks. These socks are bright and cheerful and feature a repeat pattern of bright yellow bees against a purple pink base. They will certainly cheer your day up.


Ladies organic cotton socks - moss peach hares, 80 percent organic cotton.

Our moss and peach rabbit socks are a popular choice. Again, they may be rabbits or hares. I will leave it up to you to decide. This pair of socks has a moss green base with a peach coloured repeat rabbit pattern. This pair of socks will fit well with any of our wool rabbit socks or the JJ textile rabbit throw. Equally, they make a great gift or stocking filler on their own.


Womens organic cotton socks - Coral and jade blue tits

Coral and jade blue tit socks are another bright fun pair of socks. The base is a vibrant coral colour with a repeat blue tit pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a contrasting jade blue colour. Perfect as a gift or stocking filler for any bird lover. Mix with a hot water bottle or a pair of wool bluetit socks.


Feel free to browse the full range of ladies organic cotton socks.

Men's organic cotton socks.

Men's organic cotton socks. Orange badger socks UK shoe size 8-11

The size 8-11 organic cotton socks have several really fun and vibrant designs. I know I have mentioned badgers many times, but they really do sell well and are super cute, in my opinion anyway. This pair of cotton badger socks, has a orange base with a repeat badger pattern. The heel, toe and rib are finished with a khaki moss green colour. Whether you choose wool, cotton, knee high or ankle, the badger socks are a great choice.

Men's organic cotton socks - red stag - shoe size UK 8-11

The red stag socks are a classic choice. Perfect for shoes or boots. This pair have a rich red base with a repeat stag pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a contrasting denim blue. Perfect as a gift, stocking filler or a groomsmen gift idea. The stag socks are also available in green.

There are several designs of fox socks all of which will make great gifts. My final choice, however, is not a wildlife pair. It’s the moss green tractor socks. This pair of socks feature a fun repeat white tractor pattern with a moss green base. The heel, toe and rib are a contrasting aubergine pattern.

Men's green tractor socks - organic cotton - shoe size UK 8-11

I have chosen this pair as life in the countryside would be very strange without the farmers and their tractors. Therefore, it seems appropriate somehow, to have a pair of tractor socks included in my wildlife inspired gift guide.

Take a look at our range of men's organic cotton socks.

The Wildlife Edit Gift Guide.

I hope you have found some inspiration and ideas for that perfect wildlife or countryside inspired gift. Whether you want a pair of socks in wool or cotton I am sure we have just the pair for you. Our ankle and knee-high socks are certainly very cosy and highly breathable. Our cotton socks are soft and an absolute joy to wear thanks to their high organic cotton content and great design.

The JJ textile wool throws and blankets are one of my most cherished collections. I really look forward to her designs being released as they are just so different and unique, the amount of heart and soul that goes into each one really shines through in the wool throws and blankets. 

Our small hot water bottles are a winter essential and great for glamping, sleep overs and cosy nights in.

For the ultimate gift, combine a throw, pair of socks and a small hot water bottle. That sounds just like the perfect Country Mouse cosy comfort.

Please do let us know which are your favourite designs in the comments below.

Wool Throws

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JJ Textiles wool throws

Merino wool socks.

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    Organic Cotton Socks

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    Women's organic cotton socks.
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    Men's organic cotton socks

    Hot water bottles and wool covers

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