Gifts for horse riders.

Gifts for horse riders and your horse box.

Gift guide for horse riders

You have booked an event that needs an overnight stay. Assuming that you have remembered the essentials of your clothing, competition timings, first aid kit, tack and of course your horse you are well on your way to having a great day out.

I often take my trade stand to horse trials which I absolutely love. I have many riders who have become customers. They have bought a wool throw, socks and hot water bottles. These are all great ideas to add your own little touch to your horse box. With that in mind, I thought it would be helpful to have a list of ideas for gifts, presents or a treat for yourself, your horsebox or a friend.

The focus is on the horse and the event. Here’s my top five wool essentials for you and your horse lorry.

  • A wool throw or blanket

Horse wool throw for your horse box

The first item is a wool throw or blanket. Wool is a great addition to your lorry. Not only will it keep you warm and cosy but it will also look great as well. You can choose from any colour, wool or pattern. Our J.J. Textile horse throw is a must have. This soft grey new wool throw has a lovely repeat white horse pattern and is finished with a white tassel fringe. Perfect for snuggling up in, or as an extra layer on your bed, or for sitting on for post event drinks or just as décor in the lorry.

Aqua herringbone wool throw

If you prefer merino wool throws, our aqua herringbone wool throw is a great choice. It’s a lovely soft duck egg blue with a classic herringbone pattern. The fibres are incredibly soft. Merino wool is highly breathable and perfect for really snuggling in.

One of our most popular wool throws is the pink beehive new wool throw. This throw is thicker than the merino but not quite as soft. The colour is a dusty rose pink. Perfect for adding subtle colour. Browse our lovely collection of new wool throws to see what we currently have available.

  • A small hot water bottle

The second item is a cute and cosy small hot water bottle. As a horse rider I know that most of us get cold and also suffer from aches and pains. Warmth is a great comfort. Our small hot water bottles are made from gently felted merino lambswool which is perfect for natural insulation. I have one and they stay warm for hours. They are incredibly soft and gentle on the skin.

The hot water bottle itself is a fashy hot water bottle. It is made from thermoplastic which is completely latex free and can be cleaned. There also isn’t a nasty rubber smell.

The roll neck at the top makes filling up the bottle an easy and simple process. They are ideal for snuggling up to watch a film, relaxing after and event or soothing aches and pains.

Fox small wool hot water bottle

Our favourite designs include the fox hot water bottle. This design has a lime base with a repeat running fox pattern.

Our second favourite is the our best selling sausage dog hot water bottle. This one has a soft peachy pink base with a ginger sausage dog pattern and a peachy pink roll neck. There are even matching merino sausage dog socks.

Khaki green llama small hot water bottle

My third favourite mini hot water bottle, is the khaki green llama hot water bottle. This small hot water bottle has a khaki green base with a repeat white llama pattern. There are also matching merino llama socks. The small hot water bottle are, you may have guessed one of my favourite items for getting cosy with.

The hot water bottles are made in small batches, so please do browse the collection to see which ones are currently in stock.

  • Merino lambswool socks

My third essential wool gift has to be a pair of merino lambswool socks. Our ankle socks can double up as bed socks, walking socks, skiing socks and of course you can ride in them. You may find they are too thick for close contact boots though.

My absolute favourite merino wool socks designs include flamingo socks. Our flamingo socks have a creamy oat base with a fun repeat pink flamingo pattern. Perfect for cheering up your shoes or boots. Plus they will keep your feet warm and happy. My second pair of merino wool socks that make great gifts are the rust and grey badger socks.

Wool socks with a badger pattern.

Badger socks have been really popular with our customers, These socks have a soft terracotta base with a fun repeat badger pattern. Great for keeping your toes warm. My third must have short socks are the oat and pink sausage dog socks. These make a great gift when purchased with the sausage dog hot water bottle. Made from merino lambswool, this pair of socks has a soft oat base with a fun repeat sausage dog pattern. Check out our latest designs here.

  • Knee high merino wool socks

My fourth essential gift for horse boxes and lorries are knee high merino wool socks. These are perfect for wearing in boots and hunter wellies on course walks, dog walks and for keeping warm in the lorry. You can also wear them riding. Our merino knee high socks are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. I wear these most of the time as they are so warm and cosy and patterns really do put a smile on your face.

My first choice of knee high socks, has to be the horse socks pattern. This pair of knee high socks has a soft grey base with a repeat navy horse pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a spicy pumpkin orange colour.

My second choice of knee high merino socks are denim and oat spotty socks. This pair of socks has a lovely denim blue base with a fun repeat oat spot pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a blush pink colour.

Knee high wool socks - chicken pattern

My third choice are the charming knee high chicken socks. This pair of socks feature a warm aubergine base with a fun repeat gingery hen pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a cool grey colour.

As you can probably tell, our merino wool socks are great for relaxing, keeping warm and for walking. If you just want a pair of really soft chilling out socks, our alpaca bed socks are just the ticket.

  • Alpaca bed socks.

Our alpaca bed socks are made in England from 90% alpaca wool. Our alpaca bed socks are a little slice of luxury. Alpaca wool is not only incredibly soft and luxurious, it is lanolin free. Alpaca wool has hollow fibres which trap warm air keeping your toes toasty. Alpaca socks are also highly breathable. I am a great fan of alpaca bed socks and wear them about the house instead of slippers. They are perfect for relaxing in wrapped in a wool throw after a long day.

My favourite alpaca colours have to include pink and powder blue. This pink is slightly muted and the blue is a soft pretty blue. Our grey or navy alpaca bed socks are perfect for those who want something a little more classic. Our burnt orange alpaca bed socks are perfect for those who like warm earthy tones.

Gifts for horse riders

Whether you want a wool blanket, merino wool socks, knee high merino socks, a small hot water bottle or just bed socks this gift guide is for you.

The list is not exhaustive but a wool throw, pair of socks and a small hot water bottle should be on your essential list for keeping warm and cosy in your horse box. Please do feel free to browse the Country Mouse online shop in full here or subscribe to our mailing list for exclusive offers and updates.

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