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Herringbone wool throws made in the UK

Herringbone wool throws made in the UK

Our herringbone wool throws are our most popular and best selling pattern. The herringbone weave is a timeless pattern which has stood the test of time and will always look great on any sofa in your home.

Where are our wool throws made?

All of our herringbone wool throws and blankets are made in the UK using high quality wool woven at historic mills in the UK. 

What is a herringbone weave?

Herringbone weave is a repeat pattern of small diagonal lines. Think of a fishbone or chevron pattern.    

What types of wool are the throws made from?

Our herringbone wool throws are available in three different fibres. You can choose from merino wool, Shetland wool or pure new wool. Each wool has its own special characteristics and feel. Check out my blog on the types of wool used to make wool throws.

What makes the colour of the wool throws so special?

Our herringbone wool throws and blankets are available in a wide range of colours. The Shetland wool throws and merino wool throws have a blend of up to seven different coloured wools to create the yarn to weave to the finished wool throw. This is particularly visible in the sage Shetland wool throw which has a slight blue grey undertone. This throw is a wonderful gooseberry green.

The plaid check patterns can have five different colours and each colour can then have seven different shades of that colour in the weave. Your eye will pick up the 35 colours in the finished design. It’s not as mind boggling as you think.

This is where colour can be subjective. Some people may think that our pink Shetland herringbone is a lavender pink and other will think its lilac pink. Colour is down to interpretation and often light which can change throughout the day.

The duck egg Shetland and merino can look grey in some lights and light blue green in others. My blog about duck egg wool throws explains more.

Our pure new wool herringbone throws are more obviously pink, olive, navy or yellow. This is due to the nature of the wool and weaving. The herringbone pattern is often a much wider pattern and can have a creamy or grey undertone.

Wool throws which have stood the test of time.

Whichever wool or colour you decide, a herringbone wool throw will never date and will last you for years.

Our most popular herringbone colours which have stood the test of time have to be any pink, duck egg or grey herringbone. Let us know what your favourite colour and weave is in the comments below.

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