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How to care for your wool jumpers.

How to care for your wool jumpers.

Here at Country Mouse we are often asked how to wash and care for wool jumpers. It is not as difficult as you may think.

Wool is a natural fibre and doesn't need regular washing unlike synthetics. Wool is really durable and breathable and won't trap bacteria in the same way as synthetic materials. That means you might not need to wash your jumper as frequently as you might wash a synthetic garment.

We suggest that you hand wash your lambswool or merino wool jumper at a maximum of 30°C  this will help avoid shrinkage.

  • Handwash at 30°C maximum with a gentle detergent and use a gentle spin.
  • Do not tumble dry as the garment will shrink.
  • Reshape when wet.
  • Do not wring or you will damage the fibres.
  • Store folded flat rather than on a hanger.
  • Do not iron.


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