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JJ Textiles blankets and throws

J.J. Textiles blankets and throws

Meeting Jacqui from J J Textiles.

I feel very privileged to be a stockist of JJ Textiles throws and blankets. I have stocked them for several years now. It’s always very exciting when Jacqui releases new designs as I can’t wait to order them and show them to my customers. What drew me to JJ textile was the amazing designs that Jacqui achieves. A combination of a wool throw and an amazing design that looks great in your home.

What are JJ Textiles blankets and throws.

Jacqui designs both blankets and throws. The blankets are finished with a lovely traditional blanket stitch around the edge. The throws have a lovely thick tassel fringe at each end.

What is a jacquard weave?

All JJTextiles throws and blankets are made using a jacquard weave. A jacquard weave or pattern is an intricate or complex pattern woven on a special loom. With a  jacquard weave the pattern means goes all of the way through the blanket, so you can turn the throw over and get the inverse pattern on the other side.

My favourite JJ Textile Designs. 

JJ Textiles Duck blanket. The jj duck blanket is a gorgeous soft blue colour. With a fun creamy white repeat duck pattern. This blanket is finished with a classic blanket stitch. This blanket is a popular choice for country homes and for using in a children’s nursery.

JJ Bee throw

JJ Textiles bee throw. Our bee throw is a really popular design, both at events and online. This throw is a wonderful buttery mustard yellow colour with a repeating pattern of bees and honeycomb. The throw is finished with a creamy white tassel fringe. The bee throw is perfect for anyone who keeps bees, loves their garden, or just wants a colourful throw to add a pop of colour and texture to a room.

JJ Textiles pig blanket. I absolutely love this JJ textile piglet blanket. The design is so cute, and the colour is a soft blush pink with a fun repeat white piglet pattern in various poses. The pig blanket is finished with a timeless blanket stitch. This piglet blanket has been incredibly popular online and at events. Perfect for adding colour and character to your home.

My other favourite design is the JJ textiles hedgehog blanket. The JJ hedgehog blanket is cosy and charming. The colour is a soft taupe brown with a fun repeat hedgehog pattern. Enjoy this blanket in any room of your home. This blanket would make a choice for a shepherd hut stay.

    There are so many designs to choose from in our JJtextile wool throws and blanket collection and these are my personal favourites.

    Please feel free to browse the JJ Textiles collection here, to see the latest designs in stock.

    Please let us know which one is your favourite in the comments below.

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