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Keeping warm working from home(UK)

Keeping warm whilst working from home

Trying to keep warm and cosy whilst working from home, especially in winter is a challenge. I am often sat at my laptop sending and responding to emails, placing, and packing your orders and having Zoom meetings. It is certainly a challenge to stay warm. As I approach nearly two years of having my business online, I can share my tips with you on how to stay warm and cosy.

  • Wear merino wool socks for keeping your feet warm, while WFH.
Knee length merino wool socks

I always wear a pair of warm socks. When I say warm, I always choose a pair of merino wool socks. The patterns and colour combinations cheer me up and really do put a smile on my face. Personally, I prefer knee high socks, as they are perfect for wearing in boots and wellies at the stables.

  • Warm and smart clothing for meetings

I like to wear a wool jumper; this keeps me warm and smart for those important Zoom meetings. I prefer a quarter zip lambswool jumper as its easy to have a nice top on underneath for layering.

Working from home and running an online business means that I have to have structure in my day. I make sure that I have plenty of screen breaks and drink plenty of tea. Yorkshire tea or Dorset tea are my current favourites.

Merino wool throws

    I always have a wool throw handy to wrap around me if I get chilly whilst sat working at my desk. My favoured throws are always merino. They are the softest and most gentle wool throws I stock. Wrapping up in a merino throw is like having a woolly hug. Merino breathes as it’s a natural fibre, so you won’t get too hot.

    • Hot water bottles.
    Hot water bottle

      If you find that you’re getting chilly sitting at your desk, you can always use a small hot water bottle. Our merino hot water bottles are one of my favourite products. Not only do they keep you warm, they stay warm for a long time, they’re really comforting and the patterns are great fun.

      • Alpaca bed socks.
      Navy alpaca bed socks

        If you want something a little more comfortable yet warm, our alpaca bed socks are great working from home socks. Made from 90% alpaca, they are a gentle fit but they don’t slip off at all. They’re durable and very cosy. I am not a fan of slippers, but I do love to wear a pair of Alpaca bed socks when I’m working from home.

        Staying warm with natural fibres is quite straight forward.

        Working from home has been a learning curve for Country Mouse. As an events based business, finding myself at home and online has certainly had challenges and opportunities. However, staying warm hasn’t necessarily been one of them. Yes, I can switch the heating on or light the fire, but staying warm with natural fibres is quite straight forward. It is the sitting down for any length of time which can make any of us chilly. Get some wool or alpaca bed socks on, wrap up in a wool throw with a hot drink and you will be warm and cosy in your home office.


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