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Merino wool welly socks

If you've ever had cold feet while outside in the winter, I have to say that our merino wool welly boot socks are, in my opinion and experience, just the best socks ever.

As someone who really suffers from the cold I have tried a multitude of socks with varying levels of success. I live in my wellies during the winter, so I know first-hand the importance of good, warm welly socks. This is where knee length wool socks or short wool if knee high socks aren’t your thing, are just the ticket for keeping your feet warm and comfortable in the UK, during the cold wet months.

Merino wool socks are perfect for wearing in wellies.

I wear my wool socks whilst at the stables. I know many horse owners who have swapped to merino wool and here is why merino wool welly socks are the best.

What is merino wool?

Merino wool is an amazing natural fibre. It comes from the merino sheep which has the softest most luxurious fibres. It is not itchy or scratchy. This is because the fibres are narrow and fine and they bend when they touch your skin.

High wool content.

The other great thing about our merino wool welly socks is that they have 80% wool content, so you are getting a good quality pair of socks. Merino wool is also highly breathable. This means that your feet won’t get sweaty and your skin can breathe. Something that doesn’t happen with synthetic socks. You really won’t keep warm with synthetic socks and wellies.

We have a lovely collection of merino wool welly socks for ladies and also for men. Our women’s merino wool socks are available in two lengths, short and knee high. I wear both, however I do love a pair of knee high socks when wearing wellies. Our welly socks have a wide choice of fun animal patterns in a range of colours.

My favourite five pairs of knee high welly socks for women are:

Llama merino wool welly socks

First choice is a fun pair of Llama patterned socks. This pair of socks has a lovely jade green blue base with a repeat light pink llama pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a contrasting denim. This pair of socks will definitely cheer up a winter’s day at the stables or farm and keep your feet warm on a walk.

Flamingo merino wool welly socks

My second choice is the ever popular flamingo socks. Our knee high flamingo socks have been a long standing favourite with our customers, as have our short wool flamingo socks. It really hasn’t mattered what the colourway has been, our flamingo wool socks have flown out. No pun intended.

This pair, have a creamy oat background with a classic repeat pink flamingo pattern. The heel, toe and rib are in a contrasting soft grey pattern. A perfect choice for wellies.

Merino wool welly socks with denim and yellow rabbit pattern

My third choice is a lovely pair of denim and yellow rabbit socks. The base of these socks is a classic denim blue colour with a repeat white rabbit pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a vibrant yellow which will cheer you up when you put them on. These knee high merino welly socks will certainly keep you warm and stylish.

Pink merino wool welly socks

For my fourth choice, is a pair of pink dot knee length socks. These socks will brighten your day keep you warm. The base of these socks is a sugar pink colour with a fun repeat spotty dot pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a contrasting petrol blue colour.

Chicken merino wool welly socks

My fifth and final choice is a pair of chicken socks. This pair of socks are perfect for those who keep hens or just love them. The base of the socks are rich warm aniseed plum colour with a repeat ginger chicken pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a soft contrasting grey colour.

I hope you have enjoyed my top five knee high warm welly socks. It’s really hard to narrow them down to just five designs, but I am sure you’ll agree that they are all fun and will most certainly keep your feet warm through the cold wet months.

To sum up why I think merino wool is the best for welly socks.

Our merino wool socks are perfect for wellies as, in my experience, they don’t fall down and they keep your feet warm. Having socks that fall down is so frustrating. I have never had that experience with these socks. They are perfect for keeping your feet warm in any brand of welly from hunter wellies to garden wellies.

Our merino wool welly socks are made using 80% merino wool which is considered a high content of wool. This will certainly help keep you warm and cosy whilst out and about in your wellies. I am always adding to my collection of knee high wool socks and although I have mentioned mostly animal designs, I do have quite a selection of spots, dots and stripes. If you're in need of a new pair of welly socks, please do feel free to browse the collection of knee high merino wool socks.

Also if you need larger shoe sizes, I have got a lovely collection of men's knee high merino wool socks here. 

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