Terracotta wool throws for your home

Warm tones are rising in popularity and terracotta is certainly one of those colours which is fast becoming a favourite colour. Personally I am pleased to see the rise in much more colourful interiors. I didn’t really like the grey interiors trend so I wholly welcome colour.

Terracotta wool blankets

Terracotta is warm colour which can be described as reddish orange. If you are concerned about how this colour will fit into your home, you can use it as an accent. A perfect accent is a wool throw or blanket.

Terracotta wool throws will add warm colour to your home. Choose from:

  • Saffron herringbone merino wool throw. Made from 100% merino with a timeless herringbone pattern. This throw is a subtle hint of terracotta with a scandi vibe.
  • Saffron Milan merino wool throw. Made from 100% merino lambswool. This throw has a wonderful geometric pattern which has a blend of orange, saffron and beige tones. Perfect for those who want a terracotta wool throw which is different to checks and herringbone patterns.
  • Saffron Check merino wool throw is a perfect choice if you like a more classic pattern. The repeat check pattern has a blend of cinnamon, burnt orange, cream and grey tones. This is a great throw if you are wanting to introduce terracotta into a scheme which already has creams, greys or beige. The warm oranges will blend well.
  • Saffron diamond merino wool throw is a much hotter shade of terracotta. The diamond pattern gives the throw a fresh scandi feel.

What colour goes with a terracotta throw? Terracotta is a really versatile colour. Sage greens work really well. I am a big fan of green and what a better pairing than an earth colour and the colour of nature? Just my opinion. There’s no right and wrong, its what you feel works together. Other colours which work with terracotta are creams, beiges, light grey, blush pinks, mustard, gold, reds, oranges and azure blues.  Lots, of colours.

Terracotta is an easy colour to use in your home as an accent. If you already have terracotta you can add accent colours from our range of throws in a wide variety of colours and wool.  

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