The best merino wool socks

The best merino wool socks are those with a high merino wool content.

Why is merino wool the best for wool socks?

Merino wool is incredibly soft, durable, and warm. The fibres are long, wavy and fine. When merino wool fibres come into contact with your skin they bend. They don’t scratch. Most people when then think of wool, they think of a scratchy jumper that their grandmother knitted for them, which caused no end of itching and scratching.

Merino wool is not itchy.

Merino wool is nothing like this. It’s very soft and gentle to the touch and against the skin. Merino wool is often used as base layers in technical clothing. Worn by cyclists and runners. Merino is highly breathable and wicks moisture away from the skin. This makes merino a perfect fibre for socks, as not only does it keep your feet warm, but it helps to keep them fresh as well.

80% merino wool

Our merino wool socks have a high wool content (80% wool). They are breathable, soft and will keep your feet warm and cosy. This is of course with the added benefits of breathability. I have been wearing merino wool socks for several years and as someone is notoriously cold, these socks have helped me through many winters of stable duties, walks, working all day in Winter at my Christmas chalet at Salisbury and keeping me warm whilst camping in the warmer months. I even wear the short merino socks as bed socks. I have ridiculously cold feet.

How to wear merino wool socks?

How to wear our merino wool socks? I don’t mean on your feet! Our socks are perfect for boots, shoes, wellies, camping, glamping and for wearing skiing. They are perfect for après ski too. The socks are available in two lengths, ankle, which reach to mid-calf, and knee length. The knee length socks sit just under the knee and stay there. I know how annoying it is to have a pair of socks which slip down. These stay perfectly in place.

Your favourite designs.

Choose your favourite design. Our ankle socks and knee socks are available in a wide range of colours and designs. The designs are really creative and many feature different animal patterns, spots, stripes and geometric designs.

Many of designs have become long term favourites, such as the flamingo, sausage or dachshund, rabbit, hound and moose.  Each design has been popular for several years but each year the design is available in a different colour. The heel, toe and rib are always in a contrasting colour which makes the socks really fun. The badger pattern has been a very popular choice since it was first introduced in 2020. Denim spots and dotty patterns always sell out quickly and are great if you want a design that is more contemporary rather than an animal pattern.

Our favourite designs (2021 - 2022)

Oat and pink sausage dog merino wool socks

Our favourite designs for 2021 - 2022 are first, the oat and pink sausage dog socks. This lovely pair of socks has a soft oat base with a fun repeat sausage dog pattern. The top, heel and rib are a raspberry pink colour. This pair of socks are perfect for those who love dachshunds.


Ginger bees merino wool socks

My second choice are the ginger bee socks. This lovely pair of socks has a grey base with a repeat golden ginger bee patterns. The heel, toe and rib are a terracotta colour. My third choice of ankle socks are a fun pair of llama socks. This pair of llama socks has a moss khaki green base with a repeat white llama pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a blush pink.


Knee high merino wool socks - running fox

My favourite knee high socks are sage running fox socks. Fox socks are always popular. This pair feature a sage base with an orange running fox pattern. This pair of knee high socks are perfect for boots and wellies.


Men's knee high merino wool socks

Knee high green hound socks are another popular pair. This pair of socks has an emerald, green base with a repeat hound dog pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a contrasting ginger colour.


    Our merino lambswool socks are perfect if you want socks with a high wool content, warm and have fun colourful designs and patterns. There are no plain and dull colours in our merino wool socks collection. If you are looking for socks for festivals, walking the dog, camping, glamping or skiing then you can’t really go wrong with a pair of our merino wool socks. They will keep your feet warm and look great as well.

    Which design is your favourite? Leave your answer in the comments below.

    Browse our current collections to see our latest designs.


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