The Best Organic Cotton socks

The best organic cotton socks

Country Mouse has a fantastic selection of organic cotton socks. Organic cotton socks are a great choice if you want a pair of socks which are sustainable and kind to the environment.

Organic cotton is much better than normal cotton because it is produced without chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. Normal cotton is often produced from genetically modified seeds which are modified to protect the seeds from pests. However, when the pests and bugs become resistant, stronger, and more harmful chemicals are used. Organic cotton is also grown using less water which helps prevent soil erosion.

Organic cotton is far more sustainable than synthetics and with added benefit of being highly breathable. Synthetics don’t breathe, they hold moisture, and this then creates bacteria. We all know that nasty smell after wearing a polyester item of clothing. Cotton is also plant based and therefore vegan friendly. If you are allergic to wool or have eczema, cotton is perfect for you.

Our organic cotton socks are made from 80% organic cotton and are available in a wide range of patterns and colourways. Our socks will certainly cheer up your sock drawer. You can wear them with shoes, boots or padding about the house.

Please do take a look at our online shop for organic cotton socks in shoe size 4-7 or organic cotton socks in shoe size 8-11.

Below I've put together some collections of my favourite organic cotton socks, starting with the seaside collection of seahorses and octopus designs on organic cotton socks. 

 Seaside organic cotton socks


Birds and bees organic cotton socks

Birds and bees organic cotton socks


Animal collection of organic cotton socks including pigs, cows and llama's.

Animal organic cotton socks


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