Valentine's day gift guide

Flowers, chocolates, underwear and romantic dinners usually top the list of must do or have romantic gestures.

Do something different this Valentine's.

I love flowers and chocolates as much as the next person, however this Valentine's day I thought it would be nice to look beyond the obvious cliches. Yes, flowers, chocolates and romantic dinners are all very well. Incidentally, I would rather have a picnic under the stars sat around the firepit snuggled under a wool throw than sat in a restaurant eating from a set menu surrounded by other couples. Maybe that’s just me. I am far from conventional when it comes to these things. What I am trying to say is think outside the box.

A walk into the woods to find the trees lit with fairy lights and a midnight or late evening picnic laid out is my idea of bliss. It requires effort, planning and thought. It also makes for a memorable evening. Sitting on a log wrapped in a wool throw drinking what ever you want to drink and eating some yummy food sounds right up my street. If this is a little too much for you, then this can be replicated in the garden. Even better if you have a fire pit. Throw in some star gazing and this sounds like a perfect Valentine's evening to me.  

If you want to keep this within the Valentine’s theme, add a pink wool throw to snuggle under.

Pink wool throw

Stay in for Valentine's

If going out isn’t for you, you can always watch your favourite Netflix series or film, combine this with a basket of favourite treats and wool throw for a cosy evening in snuggled up together of the sofa under a cosy wool throw. It doesn’t even have to be a pink wool throw.

For those of you who love a pamper, alpaca bed socks and a hot water bottle are great treats for keeping warm. Our pink alpaca bed socks are our most popular choice, and the sausage dog hot water bottle is so cute.

Valentine's day for singles.

If your single on Valentine's, treat yourself to a cosy throw and cosy socks. What’s better than treating yourself to something nice.

For those of you who want the flowers and chocolates, My favourite flowers are from Bloom and Wild, and my favourite chocolates are from Hotel Chocolate.

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