Warm socks for hunter wellies

Hunter wellies are a favourite and well know brand of wellies worn by many countryside loving people. I have had many pairs of hunter wellies over the years in green and navy. They are great at keeping your feet dry in all sorts of weather.

Wellies might not keep your feet warm.

Hunter wellies may not necessarily keep your feet warm but they are great in wet muddy conditions. I am often asked for wellie boot liners. Most of these are synthetic fleecy liners which fit inside the boot and fold over the top. They sound like a good solution. You will still need to wear socks with these. However, due to the liners being made from synthetic materials they will not keep your feet warm at all. If you take into account that you are also wearing a pair of socks, you are restricting the air flow and will end up with a tighter pair of wellies and cold sweaty feet. Not a pleasant thought or experience at all.

How to keep your feet warm in wellies.

To keep your feet warm and cosy, you need to have a pair of knee high merino wool socks.

Our merino wool socks are:

  • Made from 80% merino wool. This is a high wool content and will keep your feet warm and cosy.
  • Soft and cosy. Merino wool is incredibly soft and highly breathable. Your feet won’t end up sweaty and cold at all.
  • Our knee high merino socks also stay up. You won’t have to find your socks hiding at the bottom of your hunter wellies.

You can then enjoy staying out longer in the countryside.

My top five picks for knee high merino wool socks are:

Sage running fox merino knee high socks

1. Sage running fox socks. Fox socks are a long standing favourite. This lovely pair has a light sage green base with a fun repeat running orange fox pattern. The heel, toe and rib are an aniseed colour. These will look great with a pair of hunter wellies.


Green hound merino wool knee high socks

2. Green hound socks. This lovely pair of socks features an emerald green base with a repeat hound dog pattern. Perfect for those who have pointers. The heel, toe and rib are a rich gingery colour. These socks are an ideal companion for those who love the countryside.


Blush rabbit knee high merino wool socks

3. Blush rabbit merino knee socks. This lovely pair of socks has a soft raspberry pink base with a fun repeat rabbit pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a coppery colour. Perfect for wellies.


Flamingo knee high merino wool socks

4. Flamingo knee socks. Flamingo socks are a long-time favourite design. Made from 80% merino lambswool, this pair of socks has a creamy oat base with a fun repeat pink flamingo pattern, the heel, tow and rib are a soft sage grey tone.


Knee high merino wool socks in mustard spot

5. Mustard spotty socks. Spotty socks have always been a popular design. Our mustard spot merino socks feature a rich warm mustard yellow base with a fun repeat dotty pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a soft sage green colour. Perfect to keep you warm and toasty all day long.

Our knee high merino socks are a perfect choice for you hunter wellies. It’s okay if you have other brands of wellies, our socks will work well in those as well. There are other designs of merino knee high socks in our online shop in two different sizes.

Browse our shoe size 4-7 collection to see the current designs in stock.


Take a look at our shoe size 8-11 collection.

Let me know which are your favourite designs in the comments below.

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