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Why we love recycled cashmere gloves.

Why we love recycled cashmere gloves.

Cashmere is a luxurious fibre given a new lease of life through recycling.

Cashmere is an expensive and luxurious fibre. It takes the fibre from four cashmere goats to make just one jumper. The processing of cashmere fibre is also very labour intensive, therefore, an awful lot of effort has gone into creating the wool before it has ever been woven into a jumper.

Why is cashmere so special?

Cashmere fibres are very long and wavy which is what makes them so incredibly soft. It is this softness that makes cashmere so ideal for wearing next to the skin. Cashmere won’t make you itch, unlike some other wool garments and it is simply a joy to wear.

As cashmere is a natural fibre, it is breathable. By that we mean it will absorb and release moisture. It is this quality which keeps you lovely and warm, but won’t make you hot, as it lets the heat out as well as keeping you warm. That’s why we love natural fibres here at Country Mouse.

Green cashmere recycled fingerless gloves

If you look after your cashmere, it will last a long time. Inevitably, as with all good things, when this luxury item comes to the end of its life, or heaven forbid, the moths get it or it accidentally gets put on a hot wash, then what better way to continue making use of it, than to recycle it.

Far too much clothing ends up in landfill. This needs to stop. It’s just not sustainable. At Country Mouse, all of our cashmere gloves and neck warmers are sourced from 100% cashmere garments which would have otherwise ended up in landfill if they weren’t given a new lease of life. Recycling cashmere is an obvious choice. It ensures sustainability and a purpose to a wonderful luxurious fibre.

All of our recycled cashmere accessories are handmade and it really is slow fashion. Cashmere is lovely fibre to work with and the vast array of colours brightens up my sewing room. With so much choice of colours, it makes it easy to get a pair to match any outfit for any occasion.

Recycled cashmere fingerless gloves on a table

Recycled cashmere gloves are just so versatile.

I have many pairs (unsurprisingly) and I use them for gardening, riding my horse and generally out and about. I keep them conveniently in my coat pockets as they hardly take up any space. As a Reynard’s sufferer, I find they do help but they do not solve the problem. My fingers still freeze. Recycled cashmere mittens will be in the pipeline to solve that problem.

As you can see, because of their warmth and versatility, what isn’t there to love about a pair of recycled cashmere gloves, they will become your friend and one pair won’t be enough.

Take a look at our online shop to see our full range of recycled cashmere gloves or our recycled cashmere neck warmers.

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