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Wool Grey Dot Socks

Wool Lobster Socks

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Mens Short Wool Lobster Socks.

 Our luxury wool socks are a firm favourite with our customers.

This gorgeous lobster socks feature an inky blue base with a fun repeat orange lobster pattern. The heel, toe and rib are a fir green colour. The socks fit to approximately mid calf. They measure 20cm from the heel to top of the rib.

Enjoy wearing these socks in boots, wellies, shoes or just padding about the house.

Ideal for festivals, bed socks, skiing, walking, camping and many more activities. 

Made from merino lambswool these socks are incredibly soft and breathable, Keeping your feet happy and cosy all day long.

Our merino lambswool socks also make great gifts and presents.

Made from 80% merino lambswool, 20% polyamide.

Shoe size 8 - 11 UK.