Wool Shed

  • Luxury Socks

    Luxury socks, a treat for your feet. As a raynauds sufferer I'm always on the lookout for ways to keep warm when I'm out and about. I found one of ...
  • Why we love Recycled Cashmere Fingerless Gloves

    Find out why we love recycling cashmere.
  • 5 Amazing benefits of wool.

    Wool has some amazing benefits. We've listed 5 benefits of wool.
  • What is Merino Wool?

    What is Merino Wool? Merino wool, is wool from the Merino breed of sheep. The vast majority of merino wool is produced in Australia and New Zealand...
  • Types of wool used to make throws and blankets.

    Types of wool used to make blankets and throws and their different characteristics.
  • Welcome to Country Mouse

    Welcome to Country Mouse. We've been busy building up a fantastic collection of Throws Alpaca socks Recycled cashmere fingerless gloves. The wool...