merino wool throws

Merino wool throws

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    Merino wool throws and blankets.

    Merino wool is the softest of all of our wool throws. This is the throw for you if you want a lightweight, soft, breathable and warm merino wool blanket. 

    Relax into a merino wool throw and feel warm. Merino wool throws are the softest, finest and most luxurious wool throws there are.

    If you want an incredibly soft wool throw, a merino wool throw is the throw you need. merino wool is soft, warm and highly breathable. Our merino wool throws and blankets are designed and manufactured in the UK and Europe. The mills that we buy from control the entire manufacturing process. Each wool fibre is carefully blended with many different colours. This gives our merino wool throws their incredible colours and patterns.

    There will always be a merino wool blanket suitable for your home and now we have some really vibrant colours available to brighten up your home. 

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