Swedish Recycled wool blankets and throws

Swedish Recycled Wool Blankets and Throws

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     Swedish Recycled Wool Blankets 

    Our Swedish recycled wool blankets are woven from excess material and yarn left over from the production of woollen blankets. Wool is collected from the carding machine and yarn threads from the loom and reuse them in our blankets. These fibres are then respun into new yarns. This process requires less energy and conserves natural resources. 

    Our Swedish recycled wool blankets combine recycled wool with longer Swedish wool fibres to create soft, cosy wool blankets. Our gooseye wool blankets are woven and brushed to give you a soft durable wool blanket that has all the benefits of being sustainable with the added benefit of being softer than our other recycled wool blankets.

    As our Swedish recycled blankets are made from 25% recycled wool, and 75% brushed lambswool. 

    Woven in a traditional gooseye pattern in a range of colours, I am sure you will love our collection as much as we do.    

    Size: 130 x 200cm

    25% recycled wool, 75% brushed lambswool. Feel free to view the full Klippan Blanket range as well.

    4 products
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