British Wool Blankets

British Wool Blankets

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    British Made Wool Blankets

    Discover our collection of wool blankets which have been expertly made in Britain. Woven from wool sourced from textile mills in Britain, these wool blankets and throws are eco-friendly, and woven from surplus yarn that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. 

    These eco-friendly recycled British wool blankets are available in various colours and patterns including the timeless herringbone and popular checked wool blankets.

    Each British wool blanket is made from 100% recycled wool in Yorkshire. Recycled wool is naturally eco-friendly and sustainable whilst retaining all the benefits of wool. These wool blankets are slightly coarser than our Klippan wool throws and merino wool throws, however, they are wonderfully drapey and perfect for snuggling under on chilly evenings.

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