Solmate recycled cotton socks in a hammock

Solmate Socks

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    Miss-matched pairs of Solmate socks, made from recycled cotton in the U.S.A

    My husband fell in love with these colourful mismatched Solmate socks and convinced me to become a UK stockist. They are incredibly bright, colourful  mis-matched, or inversed patterned socks, which just shout 'wear me' from the sock drawer in the morning.

    They keep your feet warm, get great comments and make you feel amazing. Solmate socks are perfect for wearing in boots, shoes, wearing to festivals or just padding about the house. Plus, they make great gifts.

    Discover our fun bright and colourful collection of solmate socks.

    Solmate socks are made from recycled cotton in very bright designs, perfect for wearing yourself, or to send as a gift. Being cotton, Solmate socks are also very easy to wash.

    We also stock Solmate knee socks.

    15 products
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