Recycled wool blankets and throws

Recycled Wool Blankets and Throws

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    Recycled Wool Blankets

    Recycled wool blankets and throws are a perfect eco friendly choice. At Country Mouse we don't like waste and the beauty of wool is that its easy to recycle and re purpose.

    Choose from our British random recycled throws, Swedish recycled and merino recycled wool blankets and throws.

    Our recycled wool blankets are made from all the excess material and yarn left over from the production of other woollen blankets and throws. This then creates a brand new  wool throw that is totally unique. 

    Due to the recycled nature of these throws, we have little control over the colours of our random recycled wool blankets, however our recycled swedish wool blankets are consistent.

    At Country Mouse, we love this, as each random recycled wool throw is like a limited edition Each delivery will have different colours.

    Although recycled wool is coarser than merino or Swedish lambswool, it still retains all the amazing properties of wool. Our recycled wool blankets are warm, versatile and have that feel good factor of being recycled and sustainable.

    Our Swedish recycled wool blankets and merino recycled wool blankets are much softer and thicker than our British recycled wool throws. There is a recycled wool blanket for everyone.

    You can enjoy using our recycled wool blankets and throws in your home, leave the throw over the arm of a chair or as an extra layer on the bed. Our recycled wool blankets are also perfect for taking on trips out.



    18 products
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