Herringbone wool throw

Herringbone wool throws

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    Herringbone wool throws and blankets

    Herringbone wool throws are a classic design that has very quickly become one of Country Mouse's best-selling patterns. 

    Herringbone is a pattern made from lines that when used together create a visual effect that draws your eye. It is a simple and pleasing pattern that will never date. 

    Our herringbone wool throws are available in a range of wools and colours. Choose from pinks, blues, greens and sages through to warm oranges.

    Herringbone wool throws are perfect for those who want to add a design that will work with other more complex patterns such as geometric wool throws and check wool throws, Of course, herringbone wool throws also go in perfect harmony with other herringbone wool throws.

    Herringbone wool throws made from high-quality luxury wools.

    All of our herringbone wool throws are made from high-quality luxury wools such as merino lambswool and Swedish lambswool. Country Mouse even has a collection of herringbone wool throws available in recycled wool. These recycled wool throws are made in Yorkshire.

    All of our herringbone wool throws will look lovely in your home and are perfect for snuggling under on chilly evenings. Feel free to view the full Klippan Blanket range for more ideas on colours and patterns.

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