About Us

  Helen Lloyd - Country Mouse

Welcome to Country Mouse. Founded by Helen Lloyd in Wiltshire. We specialise in wool blankets and throws. We hope that you will like it here.

Each wool blanket has been carefully curated  to create our collection of Swedish and British wool blankets and throws.

We have been selling wool blankets for over 10 years and we are still as passionate about wool blankets as the day we started.

In May 2023, Helen from Country Mouse won the SBS2024 run by Theo Paphitis. 

Helen Lloyd Country Mouse meets Theo Paphitis

Our collection includes merino wool throws, Swedish wool blankets, eco wool blankets and recycled wool blankets. There really is a wool blanket for everyone.  

Why we love wool blankets.

What’s not to love?

Wool is an amazing natural fibre with so many great properties. It is sustainable, temperature regulating, odour resistant and biodegradable to list just a few of wool’s benefits.

Pink wool throw on a bench.

A wool blanket is an easy way to add warmth, colour, and texture to your home.

Wool blankets are incredibly versatile, they are perfect for snuggling under on a chilly evening.

You can easily cheer up a chair or use them as an extra layer on the bed. They also make great presents.

country mouse wool blankets

Wool blankets really are an easy way to comfort and style to your home. Plus, a wool blanket makes a thoughtful gift.

Where our wool blankets come from.

Country Mouse is committed to sourcing high quality wool blankets and throws. This includes supporting Britains weaving heritage and extends to Klippan's  European mill.

All our wool blankets are woven using traditional methods and the textile mills control the entire process from the raw fleece to the finished product.

The mills that we work with have history and heritage woven into them. They have been making textiles for several hundred years. 

Its knowing and understanding the story behind our wool blankets and throws that I find so fascinating.

Wool throw outside

By shopping at Country Mouse, you are supporting an independent business. In turn, this supports the historical and traditional textile mills. Our wool blankets really do have history woven into them.


merino wool blanket
Our merino wool blankets are woven in Scotland in a mill dating back to 1783.
If you are inspired to buy your own cosy wool blanket, you can shop online at Country Mouse.