5 best wool throws to keep you warm this winter

Best wool throws to keep you warm this winter.

Staying warm in the cooler months is a constant challenge for me. I am often the person still in a jumper when everyone else is wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

Autumn is nearly upon us and given that this summer has been very warm and dry, the thought of snuggling up for winter may seem a little far off.

However, as I am sitting in my garden writing this blog, the sunflowers are in full bloom, the blackberries are there for picking, the nights are already drawing in and the leaves on one of my trees have already started to turn. I’m not sure if that’s because of the unusually long hot Summer, or Autumn is fast approaching.

There is definitely a chill in the air and this leads us to look for ways to stay warm and we often think about lighting the fire or turning on the heating.

Snuggling up under a wool blanket

One of the top ways to stay warm is to warm the person rather than the room. However, I do like my wood burner, its a lot more reliable than my boiler.

One of the easiest and I think one of the nicest ways to stay warm is snuggling up under a wool blanket. Of course, its also important to remember to use layers. 

Velvet Rust Wool Blanket

Adding a wool blanket to your bed will help keep you warm and cosy

In this blog, I will help you to discover the best wool blankets to help keep you warm and cosy this winter.

Wool is the most amazing natural fibre, in my opinion anyway. Its the warmest material to cold proof yourself and your family. Personally, I think all homes should be insulated with wool, but I am going off on a tangent. I'll look at:

  • Why wool keeps us warmer
  • How to stay warm in your home this winter
  • The benefits of winter blankets and lots of layers

Winters in the UK are usually either mild and damp or crisp and fresh. I prefer the blue skies and frost to the murk. I have a friend who just loves a murky day. She thinks it’s a good excuse to sit by the fire wrapped in a blanket with a cheeky whiskey and a good book. Sounds good to be, but I'll swap the whiskey for a cup of tea.  

Why does wool keep you warm?

Wool is a unique natural fibre which is unbeaten for its amazing insulating properties, which is why wool is so good at keeping us warm.

Wool is highly breathable, so it keeps you at just the right temperature, unlike synthetics, which will make you sweat and then you get cold because the moisture can't escape. 

Unlike man made synthetics, wool’s fibre structure features crimps and bends which trap pockets of warm air within the fabric. The open structure also allows moisture to evaporate and helps you to regulate a comfortable body temperature. 

Wool has been used by humans for over 10,000 years for its insulating properties. Gotland sheep were used by the Vikings for their amazing wool.

All of the wool blankets from Country Mouse use 100% wool. Our wool blankets include, merino, Swedish wool, and Alpaca wool. 

Layer Up with Wool

I am sure you have been told to just put another jumper on, or add another layer. My husband swears by a vest! I am an outdoor girl and the only way I can get through winter outdoors is to wear plenty of layers.

You can do this in your home by using several wool blankets on the bed. You can wear a wool jumper and then wrap up in a wool blanket. By layering up you are trapping warm air in between each layer and insulating yourself against the cold.

klippan blanket and bed socks

Layering up with a wool blanket and alpaca bed socks is a great way to stay warm this winter.

If you are finding your feet are cold, wearing wool or alpaca socks are a great idea. If you are a slipper fan, these will certainly help. sheepskin slippers are a great choice. 

As an outdoor girl, I swear by a good hat, gloves and windproof coat. I'm not a scarf fan as they aren't practical having a horse. I tend to wear a recycled cashmere neck warmer. Scarves are great though if are out and about. Just make sure its wool.

Wool is a fabulous fibre to help keep you warm.

If you are in need of inspiration, then these are my 5 best wool throws for Winter.

Nougat Klippan wool blanket

Warm neutrals are perfect for adding calm and blending with other colours.

I just adore this rich warm caramel colour. made from 100% Swedish lambswool, this wool blanket will add colour and richness to any room plus it will keep you warm and cosy. ideal for keeping the cold at bay.


Klippan recycled wool blankets

Swedish recycled wool blankets are great choice if you are looking for a blanket that's warm and easier on your pocket.

Our recycled wool blankets retain all the benefits of wool but have the added bonus of being recycled. These recycled blankets  are made from the off cuts and discarded wool from the manufacture of our other wool blankets and re-woven to produce these gorgeous goose eye pattern blankets.

Made from 25% recycled wool and 75% Swedish wool they retain their softness and still have that feel good factor. 

Scottish merino wool blanket

Merino wool blankets are perfect if you want an incredibly soft and luxurious throw.

Our merino wool blankets are made in a historic hill in Scotland, This beautifully vibrant sorbet check wool blanket is perfect for those who want a warm, lightweight wool blanket.

The vibrant check pattern will brighten your home and keep you warm and toasty.

Gotland wool blanket

Soft and cosy Gotland Wool Blankets available in a wide range of colours and patterns.

Gotland wool has been in use since the Viking era and originates on the Swedish island of Gotland. Our Gotland wool blankets are luxuriously thick and and being wool, is climate smart. Gotland like all wool, is highly breathable.

Perfect for snuggling under or as an extra layer on the bed. All of our Gotland wool blankets are available in a range of colours including this pretty pastel check. 

Each one of these throws is made from either 100% Swedish lambswool or 100% merino lambswool. These lovely wool throws are designed and manufactured in the UK or Sweden using high quality materials which has been sustainably sourced.

Merino is the softest gentlest of wools and can be worn against the skin. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Our Klippan wool blankets have a slightly different look and feel. They are thicker than our merino wool throws and whilst not as soft, they are still soft and cosy.

Nothing really beats merino wool for its soft and luxurious feel. Wool, being a natural fibre will breathe and keep you at just the right temperature unlike synthetics. There’s really nothing quite like wool to make you feel cosy this winter.

Stay warm this winter

Wool is definitely the best choice if you want to stay warm this winter. With a little care your throw will last many years. As mentioned above, wool is a natural fibre which is highly breathable and can be used on your bed, you wrap yourself up in a wool blanket whilst working working from home or whilst sat on the sofa or favourite chair. 

Use your wool throw as an extra layer on your bed.

Enjoy snuggling up under a wool throw whilst reading a book or watching your favourite film. Leave the throw on the back of your sofa so that its always within reach. A wool throw can also be used as an extra layer on the bed.

In the warmer months you can enjoy your throw outside. if you are a cold person or you don't want to switch the heating on, adding several wool blankets to your bed will make for a deep and restful sleep. 

Our website has many other colourways and patterns of wool throws to choose from.

If you like a thicker, cosier wool blanket to snuggle under. You really can't go wrong with our Klippan blankets, These are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and include recycled wool blankets, Gotland wool blankets and Swedish Lambswool blankets.

I absolutely adore this collection and there is a wool blanket for everyone. 

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