Add Spring colour to your home with wool blankets

Best wool blankets for adding spring colour to your home.

Wool blankets are perfect for changing the look and feel of your home. Spring is one of my favourite seasons, its not quite high summer, which I also love, but there is often a chill in the air, and I always feel that this new season, the season of growth, change and increasing light levels, is a great excuse to add spring colours into your home. These can include uplifting buttercup yellows, reminiscent of brighter days that are coming, sage greens, which are soothing, mint greens, pastel pinks and aqua blues/ Any colour that makes your heart sing.

Choose the softest wool blanket for your Spring home.

The softest wool blanket has to be a merino wool blanket, Merino wool blankets are a must have for those who want a soft , luxurious wool blanket. If the thought of a thick snuggly wool blanket isn’t for you, a merino wool blanket will be a perfect match for you.

What is so special about merino wool?

It is well known that wool is incredibly warm and cosy. It’s a perfect fibre for keeping you warm. However, the softest wool blankets that Country Mouse stocks, are merino wool blankets.

Merino lambswool comes from merino sheep which are bred for their wool. Our merino lambswool is ethically sourced from mulesing free countries such as New Zealand, South Africa, and Great Britain.

  • Merino wool is prized for its softness, this is thanks to its unique fibres, merino wool fibres are long, narrow and bend when they touch the skin. This is what makes them so soft. Plus, merino wool is able to trap air in its crimped fibres. Don’t be fooled by its delicate looking fibres.
  • Merino lambswool is highly breathable, odour resistant and helps you maintain a comfortable body temperature.
  • Merino wool is incredibly versatile. It makes a perfect wool blanket as its not only warm it is lightweight, drapey and perfect for Spring.
  • Merino has been used as knitwear, technical base layers, hot water bottle covers and socks.

Green wool blanket on a bed

Add soft cosy merino wool blankets to your home for instant spring colour.

Adding Spring colour with merino wool blankets

Country Mouse has a lovely range of merino wool blankets that are perfect for adding Spring colour. Choose from pretty aqua blues, eucalyptus greens all in various different patterns. Use your merino wool blanket in any room of your home or as an extra layer on the bed. I love to wrap up in a merino blanket when I am reading.

Choose a Swedish wool blanket for an authentic Scandi feel.

Our Swedish wool blankets are a much loved collection. The Nordic countries really know how to stay warm and cosy in effortless style. The design is amazing, the patterns and wools are incredibly high quality and include an eco-wool range.

Why we love Swedish wool blankets

I fell in love with our collection of Swedish wool blankets at a trade show. I am always drawn to wool blankets, its as though they are calling out to me!

The main reasons I love them are:

  • Beautiful design. It may come as no surprise that some famous Swedish designers have created some of the designs of our Swedish  wool blankets. Not only are they beautifully designed, they are made from high quality wool.
  • High quality wool. All the wools used to manufacture our Swedish wool blankets are high quality wools. The mill I buy from controls every aspect of the manufacturing process in their own oeko-tex® certified factory. Our Swedish wool comes from farms located in the southern Sweden. The wool is dense, warm and without any chemical treatment.
  • Eco wool. Our Swedish wool blankets also include a range of blankets woven with eco wool. This is wool which is guaranteed free from pesticides and is tested by an independent laboratory.

Swedish lambswool blankets are much thicker and have a denser weave than our merino wool blankets. They are incredibly warm and cosy and are available in a wide range of colours. It’s the variety of patterns that I particularly love. What I also really like is the name some of the wool blankets have. It just adds to their authentic Swedish heritage. 

buttercup yellow wool blanket

Add a cosy Swedish wool blanket in pastel shade to say goodbye to Winter,

Choose from soft pastel mint greens, sage greens, pastel pinks in a wide range of shades and patterns, duck egg blues, buttercup yellows and muted mustard yellow tones. Why not add a couple of wool blankets for lovely, layered effect.


J.J. Textile wool blankets for adding character and colour to your home

J.J. textile wool blankets are another one of those products that I was immediately drawn to. Lovingly designed and made by the wonderfully talented Jurate (“Jacky”) Jakstaite, I have been stocking these wool blankets for many years and I absolutely adore them, as do our customers.

Add Spring colour and character with a J.J.Textile Wool Blanket 

Our JJ Textile wool blankets are perfect for adding Spring colour to your home. Choose from many beautiful designs. Whilst not strictly Spring colours, the sheep wool blankets and hedgehog woo blanket are lovely to snuggle under. The pig wool blanket is a lovely shade of pink will instantly lift out of winter dormancy.

I hope I have inspired you to add some wool blankets to your home this Spring. It is a really simple and easy thing to do to lift you out of Winter. Let some light and colour into your home with a Spring inspired wool blanket.

Pink Pig wool blanket on a bed

 J.J. textile wool blankets are perfect for snuggling under on chilly evenings.


Where to buy Spring wool blankets?

You can buy our wool blankets from our website. Your wool blanket will arrive beautifully wrapped by courier. You can also buy a Country Mouse wool blanket from our social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.


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