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Best green wool throws for your home.

Green wool throws at Country Mouse

Green has long been a favourite colour for interiors, and here I’m taking a look at 4 of my best green wool throws that will compliment your home.

Green is a versatile colour

As a colour, green’s popularity stems from being a colour associated with calmness and tranquillity. It is the colour of nature.

Green can make you feel:

  • Peaceful R
  • Restful
  • Relaxed

Green can range from light to dark greens.

Green sits and blends well with many colours including;

  • Pinks
  • Greys
  • Oranges and neutral colours

As well as other shades of green.

You can use different shades of green to blend together, so light green and dark green. Dark green can be blended with dark wood for a dramatic dark interior. Shades of pink can add a playful touch.

Green wool throws.

To start with an easy green, you can’t beat a sage green Shetland herringbone wool throw. A sage green throw will work well with either a grey interior or pink, combined with a classic herringbone pattern, this is a lovely wool throw.

Our light sage green Shetland throw has a soft yellowy undertone. Sage is a complex green, created from a yellow green and grey. It is one of those greens that can work really well as a neutral.

Eucalyptus green.

For my second choice, you can’t think of greens without thinking of eucalyptus green, and when it comes to eucalyptus, I am going to cheat.

Two eucalyptus wool throws immediately spring to mind. The first is a Eucalyptus herringbone merino wool throw. The herringbone pattern being a timeless choice and merino wool giving it a lovely softness. I’ve also got a Eucalyptus Milan merino wool throw and the pattern picks out both the Eucalyptus green and also the greys.

Our eucalyptus herringbone is a gorgeous, almost pastel green which could be classed as a duck egg green.

Our eucalyptus milan has a really interesting blend of teal green and grey tones.

Teal green is a warm tropical colour. The geometric pattern gives this throw a great contemporary feel. Both throws will blend well with each other and other colours. I like the eucalyptus herringbone paired with the aqua herringbone. Both are soft pastel tones which will never date.

Teal green and gold Shetland wool throw.

Teal green and gold Shetland wool throw

Teal is a fabulous colour, It’s a wonderful mix of green and aqua. I always think of it as a warm tropical green. Our teal and gold Shetland wool throw has a mix of mustard gold, creams and teal.

The plaid pattern makes this throw a perfect choice for any country home.

JJ Textiles Glow Blanket

JJ Textiles Glow Blanket

JJ Textiles glow is a beautiful design featuring a rabbit and a tree. The green on the throw is a brighter moss green. If you are inspired by JJ Textiles - find out more in this blog.

This throw works well as a statement throw in your home and is perfect for wildlife lovers. If you know a wildlife lover and need gift inspiration, please do read my gift guide for wildlife lovers.

Why I love green throws.

Green wool throws are a popular choice, especially for those seeking a calming interior space. Green is such a varied colour and will always be a popular wool throw choice.

Your welcome to browse our online shop to see what throws are currently available.

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