Best wool blankets for your bedroom

Finding the best wool blanket for your bedroom. 

If you are looking for a cosy wool blanket to make your bedroom feel warm, relaxing and beautiful this year, Country Mouse has the perfect wool blanket for you. As a specialist in wool blankets, we have made the task easy for you. We will help you discover which is the softest wool blanket, the warmest wool blanket, where to buy your wool blanket and how to choose the perfect wool blanket for your bedroom. 

Wool blanket on a bed

Style your bedroom with wool blankets to make it feel warm and cosy.

 For the Warmest wool blanket choose 100% wool

When it comes to choosing the perfect wool blanket for your bedroom, warmth and quality is the key. 100% wool blankets will keep you warm. Man made materials will not. Wool is highly breathable and will keep you at just the right temperature. To stay warm always go for 100% wool.

Which wool blankets are the softest?

The softest wool blankets that we stock are merino lambswool. Merino is an amazing fibre and can even be worn against the skin. Merino is such a clever wool and has incredibly long and narrow fibres.

This makes the wool really soft. Merino wool blankets are also thin and drapey. Don’t be fooled by this lightweight wool blanket. For its weight, it's incredibly warm. Merino lambswool is perfect if you want a lighter-weight blanket in the spring.

Whilst they are warm, our thick wool blankets will give that comforting cosy feeling.

Sorbet Scottish merino wool throw

Style your bed with a soft lightweight warm merino wool blanket.

Size Matters

When it comes to size, think about how much of your bed you want your blanket to cover. If you want a decorative blanket or do you want a wool blanket to keep you warm. All of our wool blankets are approximately double bed size. Our Swedish wool blankets are slightly larger than our Merino wool throws. They will cover a double bed and keep you warm and cosy. At the moment Country Mouse doesn’t stock king size wool blankets.

Wool Blankets for your bedroom chair

The great thing about wool blankets is that are versatile. Your wool blanket can have more than just one function. You can use it as an extra layer on your bed for helping keep you warm, wrapping up in it for breakfast in bed or reading.

Your wool blanket can also be used on your bedroom chair. I like to wrap up in a wool blanket and sit near a window to read. Plus a wool blanket on a chair just looks like it belongs there and is always ready to give you a cosy woollen hug.

Its nice to add colour and texture to a room. I love a layered maximalist look. Lots of complimenting and contrasting colours and textures. It just makes a cosy snuggly retreat and a place to recharge.

Choosing the colour of your bedroom wool blanket

What I particularly love about wool blankets is the wide variety of colours and patterns that are available. This makes it quite a straightforward task when it comes to adding or updating your colour scheme. You can add pastel such as pink, sage green, duck egg and mint green for pretty spring summer colours. These are my personal favourite.

You can make a statement with hot fuchsia pink, bright yellows and oranges which will add drama and colour. Adding cool greys and warm neutrals can make a room feel restful.

If you like something different, one of our green blankets will certainly add character to your bedroom, such as the House in the Forest - Green.

Velvet rust wool throw, adds a lovely orange colour to your room.

Colour can transform the look and feel of your bedroom. 

Wool Blankets for a Spring bedroom.

Spring is my favourite time of the year. It is also the prettiest in my opinion. My personal favourite colour for a wool blanket is always pastels, and if I’m being completely honest, its pinks and sage greens. I know that’s not everyone’s favourite which makes the world interesting.

  • Pastel colours in shades of pink Chevron pink, Preppy misty rose, duck egg blue, loop mint, preppy dusty green
  •  Bright pops of colour for adding drama, making a statement or just because you love colour: dark greens,petrol blue. velvet saffron and knut saffron.
  • Earth Tones such as Havanna natural or nougat, preppy dusty green, all of these will balance calm and tranquility.
  • Cool colours can also add a sense of calm such as greys, light soft blues and greens,

It is well documented that colour can influence mood. Cool colours can soothe, reduce anxiety and create a calm environment. Warm colours can create passion, as well as comfort.

Mustard yellow wool blanket on a bed

Bring Sping colour into your bedroom by introducing yellow, pink and sage greens. 

Where to buy your wool blanket?

You can buy your wool blanket from Country Mouse. Your lovely blanket will arrive via courier beautifully wrapped with a card from us. You can buy for a friend as a present and include your own message. Just let us know in the notes on your order. If you have any special requests, again let us know. 

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