Blue Wool Blankets & Throws

Blue Wool Blankets & Throws

Blue wool Blankets

Blue wool blankets can vary in colour from dusty blues through to smokey blues and navy.

Country Mouse blue wool blankets are a gorgeous collection from merino lambswool or Swedish lambswool. All our blue wool blankets are available in a wide range of gorgeous shades of blue, ranging from pastel duck eggs and dusty blues, denim blues through to smokey blues and rich complex navy blues.

A blue wool blanket is the perfect way to colour to your home. Blue is such a varied colour that each shade will add a different look and feel to your home.  I find that strong colours such as navy blue or Smokey blue can make a room or space look and feel warm and cosy. Strong blue colours are also great for adding drama and making a statement.

Soft pastel colours are perfect for adding subtle colour and look amazing in town and country homes. Not only do blue wool throws and blue wool blankets look warm and cosy, but they also help you feel warm, cosy, and happy. Deep navy and denim blues can make a bold statement, whereas a softer smoky blues and duck egg, can be soothing, yet warm. Colours such as blue, green, grey and purple can help you feel cool. This is just my opinion, and I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below. Blue forms a wide spectrum of colours and Country Mouse has many different shades of blue wool blankets. I am sure you will find your perfect wool blanket in our blue blanket collection. 

Life would be very dull if we all liked the same colours

Not everyone likes strong warm colours, I must confess that I love soft muted pinks, sages and blues. However, I know that they are not for everyone, Life would be very dull if we all liked the same colours.

Blue is a lovely colour which can range from rich navy and denim colours through to lighter and softer tones such as duck egg, Smokey blue and jade wool throws. Jade is a sea green wool blanket which could also be classed as green, but I feel that it’s a perfect sea colour and would look perfect in a coastal home.

Blue wool blankets are naturally, suited to coastal homes

Blue wool blankets are naturally, suited to coastal homes or homes with a longing for the coast. Dreamy soft blues sit well here along with sea green tones such as our jade wool blanket. Duck egg is another wool blanket that’s right at home in a coastal home. To complete a coastal look add warm neutrals. Darker blues naturally work well for a nautical look, especially when combined with whites, reds, and clean lines.

Handpicked collection of blue wool blankets

Our handpicked collection of blue wool throws and blankets have been woven in historic textile mills in Great Britain and Europe. Our orange wool throws and blankets are available in a range of wools including the soft luxurious merino lambswool, Shetland lambswool and Swedish lambswool. Our Swedish woollen blanket collection also includes an eco-lambswool. Our Swedish blankets are slightly larger and thicker. I think this makes them incredibly cosy.

 Blue wool blanket

Smokey blue wool blankets are ideal as an extra layer on the bed. I just love the pattern of this blanket.

Blue wool blankets can vary hugely in colour depending on the shade of blue, pattern and wool. Blue is often regarded as a cool colour and has many shades and a wide range of tones. Blue has azure, greens, and some violet. It’s such a complex colour and what one person sees as blue another will see as green. Duck egg is a perfect example of this. I think our duck egg wool blanket is more blue than green.

For those of you who want a more complex blue wool blanket, our Klippan Knut Smokey blue wool blanket is a great choice, this is equally true if you want a throw that is more complex and interesting than just a herringbone wool throw. The popular merino lambswool throw aqua milan, is a complex geometric pattern in blues, greens and beige and cream tones with a repeat pattern. This throw is gorgeous and is made from luxurious soft merino. The beauty of this throw is that it will blend well with a wide range of other colours and will look fabulous with a saffron merino herringbone wool throw.

5 Blue Wool Blankets which I think are perfect for adding warmth, colour and texture to your your home.

I have selected 5 wool throws which I think are perfect for adding colour, warmth, and texture to your home. Each one will help to keep you warm and cosy.

  • Velvet Duck Egg wool blanket

This gorgeous duck egg wool blanket from Klippan has a wonderful honeycomb pattern in a soft blue green colour. This is one of my favourite wool blankets. The colour is subtle and blends well with pinks, greys and other blues or light greens.

  • Knut Smokey blue wool blanket

Knut Smokey blue is an indigo blue softened by a creamy white pattern that has been woven into the blanket. I just love the rich colour of this blanket. This blanket will blend with blues, pinks, and even soft yellows. 

  • Merino Aqua herringbone wool throw

Timeless herringbone combined with soft pastel blue. This merino lambswool throw has been a really popular design at country mouse for many years. This wool throw is perfect for a simple scandi look and feel.

  • Klippan Petrol blue wool blanket

Rich, inky denim blue, Klippan petrol wool blanket is a strong colour with a gorgeous honeycomb pattern woven into it. The blanket has an ecru colour on the reverse. This blanket is an elegant colour.

  •  Klippan Harald dusty blue wool blanket

Harald dusty blue woollen blanket is one of our eco wool blankets. This gorgeous Swedish lambswool throw, is woven from eco lambswool. Eco lambswool is totally free of pesticides and no chemicals or antibiotics have been used during the breeding of the sheep. Woven with an intricate pattern and finished with contrasting grey edge at the base. This wool blanket is a perfect pastel blue. Combine with other blues, pinks, and pastel shades.

 Blue wool blanketsPetrol blue wool blankets are a perfect for adding contemporary style to your home.

Whichever blue wool blanket you choose, I am sure you will enjoy the feeling of warmth, cosiness, and happiness just by adding colour to your home. The choice of wool throw is matter of personal preference, but I do think that there is nothing better than snuggling under a thick cosy wool throw on chilly evening. Please do take a look at my blue wool blanket collection in the online shop to see what is currently available to buy.

Please let me know what your favourite colourful wool throw is and if you have bought a wool throw from us then please do leave a review for us. We really appreciate all feedback.

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