Buy a wool throw, you won’t regret it.

Buy a wool blanket and you won't regret it.

 I may be biased, however, at Country Mouse we believe that wool is the best and most amazing fibre there is. Country Mouse has been selling blankets for over a decade and know that wool blankets are the best way to stay warm and cosy. Okay, you can put the heating on, light the fire, but a wool blanket will keep you warm without the heating on.

wool blankets for sale

Gotland wool blankets are perfect as an extra layer on your bed.

Wool throws are one of those items which are so versatile that you will end up owning more than one. Whether you choose a merino, Gotland blanket, Swedish wool throw or one of our recycled wool blankets,  you will quickly realise that owning one wool throw will not be enough. Yes, they are slightly addictive, especially when you discover the wide range of patterns, wools and colour choices. There really is a throw for any situation and they also make excellent gifts.

I have a throws on my sofas, one in my kitchen, several in my bedroom, I often have one on the bed as an extra layer. I use wool throws in the garden. When I have friends over in the summer, when the temperature drops in the evening, I always have throws on hand to snuggle under, or wrap around. I have a throw in the car, always useful if you have a picnic or end up somewhere needing to keep warm.

I have given throws as wedding presents, housewarming presents, and of course Christmas presents.

A wool throw is one of those items that isn’t just for decoration, they are there to be used and enjoyed. Its not precious. Wool is incredibly durable with just a little extra care. Don’t be scared. Wrap up in, enjoy it.

If you are a fan of luxuriously soft wool, a merino throw will be a perfect choice. Merino is a lightweight wool throwm, but don't be led into the belief that a thin throw is a cold throw. Merino is a really warm and cosy, perfect for snuggling under on the sofa watching your favourite film, reading a book, or just relaxing by the fire. They are also great for use in the garden in the summer months if you are dining in the garden or have friends round. Pastel tones are a great choice for summer.

If you prefer a slightly thicker throw, our swedish wool blankets will be great for you. These are slighly larger and thicker than our merino wool blankets. Our Swedish blankets are made by Klippan in their family owned mill. These blankets are really cosy, warm and snuggly. If you like a slightly heavier wool blanket, these are a perfect choice for you. 

Our Klippan wool blankets are one of our most popular collections. The variety of wools, colours and patterns ensures that there is a blanket for everyone. You can choose from eco wool, merino wool, recycled wool and Gotland wool blankets. each wool has its own character and when i say there is a blanket for everyone, there really is a wool blanket for everyone . 

recycled wool blankets

Klippan recycled wool blankets are ideal for those who want a budget friendly wool blanket whilst keep all the benefits of wool.

Wool throws are also sustainable, synthetic fleecy throws are made from plastics and non-renewables. All our throws are fully traceable and ethically produced. I don’t know which sheep your throw is made from but the mill which I buy throws from knows exactly where the wool has come from. The mill which produces the  Merino wool throws controls every aspect of the manufacturing process, from the raw fleece to the finished throw. The same can be said for klippan wool blankets. Our Gotland wool blankets use wool from sheep in southern Sweeden. Therefore, when you buy a wool throw from us, you are buying a wool throw with a story and heritage.

To buy your wool blanket you can shop online at Country Mouse

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