Ease into Autumn with Swedish Wool Blankets

Ease into Autumn with a Swedish Wool Blanket

Autumn is the season where we are invited embrace slow living. For me, autumn brings back memories of picking up shiny conkers, kicking through crunchy piles of leaves, eating blackberry and apple crumble and snuggling up near the fire with a wool blanket. Autumn gives us the chance to notice the change in the seasons. Spring easily slips into summer, but the change from summer to autumn is, for me, quite dramatic. The colours changing on the trees, the cool air, damp mornings and the first frosts. The light is different as well. Often softer and those murky misty days become more frequent as we slide into winter.

Autumn and winter are the hygge seasons. Hygge being the Danish word for being happy, content and cosy. Hygge always includes candles and blankets. It’s the season to spend time snuggled under a wool blanket.

  Autumn, with its vibrant yellows, reds, oranges, and mustards combined with warm earthy tones, inspires us to bring the warmth of the season into our homes. As the temperature starts to dip and the countryside puts on its last hurrah of colour, it’s the perfect time to transform your living space into a cosy woollen haven. Our wool blankets and especially our Gotland wool blankets are perfect for making your home a perfect cosy space.

 Yellow wool blankets

Autumn is the season to embrace the pleasures of hygee Our Swedish and Gotland wool blankets will help you create an authentic scandi look.

The Beauty of Autumn Colours

Autumn is all about colour. Hot vibrant colour and warm earthy tones. Just look at the garden, your local park or even the roadside trees. They will be fiery vibrant colours. Its natures firework show. Think hot oranges, fiery reds, vibrant yellows, mustards and even warm earth tones.

These colours can be used as pops of colour or to add interest to a warm neutral space,

Wool blankets will add colour and warmth to you and your home:

One of the easiest and most effective ways to infuse autumn colours into your home is by using our Swedish and Gotland wool blankets. Our Swedish and Gotland wool blankets are incredibly warm and cosy. These wool blankets are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Each one will add warmth and help you to stay warm and cosy on chilly autumn nights.

Choose from rusts, oranges, yellows, mustards and warm earth tones. Each one will add a different look and feel but each one will keep you warm and cosy.

orange wool blanket

Adding warm colours such as oranges will instantly add interest to any room in your home. 

Autumn Colours are Versatile:

Autumn colours are so versatile. Adding a warm neutral to a vibrant interior will add balance and likewise, adding colour to a neural home will add colour and interest. You can also use an autumnal coloured wool throw to blend with your existing home décor. For example you can use a yellow wool blanket to blend with your cushions or curtains.

Please don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. Colour can instantly change the look and feel of a room. Plus yor wool blanket will keep you warm.

 neutral wool blankets

Warm neutral colours add instant calm and warmth to a room. These autumnal shades are often over looked but earthy tones are balancing and soothing. 

 Why Gotland wool blankets and Swedish wool Blankets are Ideal for Autumn

Our Gotland wool blankets are a perfect choice for autumn. Made from the wool of the Gotland sheep, these wool throws are so soft and silky that will help keep you at just the right temperature, Autumn is well known for being warm and sunny one minute and cold and damp the next. These wool blankets, whilst being quite thick, are also highly breathable. What I particuarly like about Gotland wool blankets, is the wide range of colours which are available. You can choose from mustard yellowm rich warm orange and checks. For me, I think they are the perfect autumnal wool blanket.

Gotland Wool Blanket

Our Gotland wool Blankets are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Gotland wool blankets are perfect for the transitional autumn season, being breathable, as well as wonderfully warm.

Warmth and Breathability:

Autumn weather can be fickle, with chilly mornings, unexpectedly warm afternoons and frosty nights. You never quite know what the weather will be doing in autumn. You may even have frost and warm sunshine in one day. Our Swedish wool blankets, Gotland Wool Blankets and merino wool blankets are perfect at keeping you at just the right temperature, regardless of the weather. Thanks to wools natural ability to breathe and thermoregulate. Wool fibres will trap air to keep you warm when its cold and let the heat out when its hot, so you stay at just the right the temperature.

Just another reason why Country Mouse loves wool blankets do much.

Temperature Regulation:

Wool has a natural ability to regulate body temperature, making it perfect for uncertain autumn weather. Wool blankets will keep you warm on colder nights but won't leave you feeling sweaty if the temperature rises. This adaptability ensures year-round comfort.

Swedish Quality.

We spin, we dye, we warp, we weave, we brush.

Investing in a Swedish or Gotland wool blanket means investing in long-lasting quality and durability.  Our wool blankets are made in a historic textile mill and have been designed by some famous Swedish designers. Our Swedish and Gotland wool blankets are made with great care and thought for the environment in their own oeko-tex® certified factory. Our wool blankets even have an eco-wool collection.

Our wool blankets will last well beyond autumn and will keep you warm and cosy despite the weather outside. 

Swedish eco wool blanket

Our Swedish wool blankets are available in a wide range of wools and include an eco wool collection.

Buy Country Mouse Wool Blankets

If you are inspired to get warm and cosy this autumn and inject colour and texture into your home, then shop our wool blankets. Choose from russet reds, oranges, yellows, mustards and warm earth tones.


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