Green Wool Blankets and Throws

Green Wool Blankets and Throws

Green woollen blanket on a bed

Adding a green wool blanket to your home can help create a calm and tranquil feeling. Especially in a bedroom.

Country Mouse green wool blanket collection is available in a wide variety of wools and patterns.

Green is the colour of nature and adding a green wool blanket to your home really is like bringing the outdoors in. Green has such a wide variety of shades, from dark forest green, emerald green, moss green, right through to the blueish greens of sages and eucalyptus greens.

Country Mouse’s green wool blankets are available in a diverse range of greens. Choose from dark woodland greens, sage greens, pine green through to pastel mint and sea greens.

Each one of our green wool blankets has been hand picked to form our collection. Our green wool blankets also have a wide range of patterns which are unique to Country Mouse.

Gorgeous green wool blankets and throws evoke the image of sitting in nature or just being somewhere calm and full of peace. Green is soothing and elegant and can blend well with other colours.

green wool blanket on a bed

Country Mouse green wool blankets are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. 

Green is an incredibly versatile colour and can blend with warm and cool hues. I love putting green and pink together, or green and mustard. It does depend on the shade of green. Sages work well with grey. Emerald green works well with warm mustard tones or navy. Colour, of course, is down to personal choice. The phrase red and green should never be seen. Well, red sits opposite green and can be regarded as complimentary. Use pinks, burnt orange and yellows instead for a warm cheerful and uplifting feel.

A green wool blanket, I think, is the perfect way to add colour and texture to your home. I find that sage greens work well in my home. However, there is something comforting about a dark green wool blanket. It’s the depth of colour that is perfect for snuggling under on chilly winters evenings.

Mint and pastel shades can add a light fun feel to a room and they blend really well with other pastel shades.

Our handpicked collection of green wool blankets

Our handpicked collection of green wool blankets and throws have been woven in historic textile mills in Great Britain and Europe. Our Swedish wool blanket collection includes an eco- lambswool wool range. Our Swedish lambswool blankets are slightly larger and thicker. This makes them incredibly warm and cosy. Plus they are perfect for those who want an authentic scandic look and feel.  

3 Green Wool Blankets which I think are perfect for adding colour, warmth and texture to your home.

  • Preppy Dusty Green wool blanket is a really lovely sage green with a really interesting pattern. The base of this throw is a creamy white colour which contrasts well with the sage green.
  • Harald Green Eco lambswool throw, is a lovely light green with a grey boarder. This is a subtle yet warm green which will add warmth and texture to any room.
  • Stella Cactus wool blanket. This green blanket has a really interesting pattern and the colour is a blue green. It reminds me of a pine wood or a eucalyptus green. Its quite a metallic colour. 

Stella Cactus green wool blanket

Stella cactus green blanket has a lovely pattern with a metallic green hue. perfet for adding colour and interest to any room in the home.


Enjoy the warmth of a woollen blanket

Whichever green wool blanket you choose, I am sure you will enjoy the warmth and cosiness that wool blankets bring to you and your home. Colour is very much a personal choice and whichever colour, pattern or design you choose, you will stay warm and hopefully happy.

If you have been inspired to buy a green wool blanket then head to our online shop to  find your perfect wool blanket.

Please let me know what your favourire blanket is and we always love to see our products in use. Please feel free to tag us in any image that you share to social media.    

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