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How do you use your wool throw?

As I pack and send out our lovely wool throws to the 4 corners of the United Kingdom, I do sometimes start wondering how they will be used. Sometimes my customers send me lovely photos of their new throws showing them in use on their sofas and beds.

So that got me thinking – how do you use your wool throw?  

Do you use a throw to hide an old chair?

There is one old sofa in my lounge which I don’t like, but my husband is attached to it. So instead I have hidden the old fabric with a couple of wool throws to try and cover the fabric I don’t like!

Colourful accents.

Many of my customers send in amazing photos where they’ve used their new wool throw as soft furnishing to complete a room.

Snuggle up into.

You can’t beat a night in, snuggled up with a soft wool throw, a glass of wine and a good book. Whether that’s at home or away, I always take a throw with me for chilly evenings.

As an extra layer on the bed.

Not only can a throw look good during the day, but they are practical at night if you need an extra layer on the bed.

As a dog bed or adopted by your pet.

You might be surprised to hear that some throws have gone to be used as dog beds. I’m less surprised as my 2 cats are always looking for a throw to adopt.

In the garden.

In the summer – I quite often just put a throw on the grass, where I can then relax under a shady tree.

In the car.

Always handy to keep a wool throw in the car. Then it can be used for impromptu picnics on days out.

For business.

We have supplied many glamping, air B&B’s and boutiques with wool throws.

If you use your wool throw in any other way – please leave a comment below. I love hearing and seeing how people use theirs.




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