How to add orchid pink wool blankets to your home

What is the Orchid Pink trend?

Orchid pink can easily be described as bright, bold and lively. Bold pinks have been on trend ever since pantone released viva magenta as pantone of the year and it has not yet slowed. The pink trend is set to continue, especially as the Barbie film is set to be released in July 2023. I am pretty certain that pink will stay on trend for some time yet.

Orchid pink is vibrant, fun and will add a pop of colour and fun into your home. If you are not sure whether this bold colour is right for you, try a pastel pink wool blanket instead. 


Hot pink wool blanket on a bed

 Introduce hot pinks into any room of your home for a fun splash of colour


 How to get the Orchid Pink Look

Orchid pink is such a fun colour that you can use it as a statement colour in any room of your home. You can use the colour with existing neutrals for a bright pop of colour. You can use a wool blanket as an extra layer on the bed.

Be bold and be brave. Our wool throws and wool blankets are made from so many different wools with so many different patterns, that each one has its own charm and character and

.Grey and pink wool blankets in a field


Introduce hot colours with neutrals for a balance look. 

 The best blankets for your Orchid pink home

Wool blankets are an easy way to embrace the orchid pink trend. However, you choose to approach the orchid pink trend, a Country Mouse wool Blanket is a great way to introduce a splash of colour. Wool blankets add the warmth, natural texture, softness with such ease, that you will be on trend in no time.

  • Embrace fun feminine side with layers of pinks piled up on your favourite sofa. Wool blankets are just perfect for a cosy layered look. Mix and match with a variety of different shades of pink. Think of it as more is definitely more.
  • Make a statement with bright pop of colour. Leave a bold pink wool blanket on the back of your favourite chair or sofa, Wool Blankets are also perfect as an extra layer on the bed.
  • Add folded wool blankets over the backs of chairs when dining outside in the warmer months. Its always such a nice touch when a host leaves a wool blanket on a chair.
  • Find your inner barbie and have fun with bold pink shades. Use these for girls nights in. Just add your favourite film, food and drinks and your set for a perfect night in with your friends.

 Hot pink blankets outdoors

 Its always a nice touch to give your guests a wool blanket to snuggle under when alfresco dining. 

Bold hot pinks are often associated with love and romance. They are all about adding passion and life into your home and environment. I love pink, its such a varied colour and I think it’s a fun colour that nearly everyone has an opinion on.

If bold hot pinks aren’t for you, Country Mouse has a wide selection  soft pink shades. These soft shades are often associated with love, fun and nostalgia. Pink is also a calming colour in its pestle tones. Whether you want a hot vibrant pink wool blanket and intend to embrace the latest trend or you want to add soft feminine pink. Country Mouse can certainly help you find your perfect wool blanket. 

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