How to care for your wool throw

How to care for and wash your wool throw

An often asked question - how do you clean wool throws and blankets?

Do you wash them? The answer is yes - with a but! We recommend the merino wool throws are dry cleaned. The others can be washed carefully...


Wool is an incredibly durable and resistant fibre. It is when wool gets wet, that it becomes vulnerable. Wool can be washed, but will need careful and gentle handling. At Country Mouse we generally advice against washing your wool throw unless you absolutely have to. Wool contains lanolin which repels dirt and dust unlike man made fibres which attract dust.

Our top wool care tips are:

  • Giving your wool throw a good shake in the fresh air.
  • Let them air on a washing line - especially on a dry breezy day.
  • Don't use detergents. Wool is a natural fire and will repel dirt and dust. Detergent strips the lanolin which occurs naturally in wool
  • If you do wash your throw, only ever use a cold wool wash setting on your machine with a slow spin.
  • Never wring or scrub your throw as you will damage the fibres.
  • To dry, either roll the throw the throw in a towel, or fold in half over a towel. The towel will help absorb the water.

So in summary - remember to avoid washing your throw if possible, natural fibres don't need as much washing as synthetic fibres. Air it on a line to keep it looking fresh. Never tumble dry your throw, heat is your throw's enemy.

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