How To Have A Perfect Christmas Tree Decorating Day

Decorating your Christmas Tree

Having a Christmas tree and decorating the house with all sorts of foliage is one of my favourite things about Christmas. Its possibly my favourite thing about Christmas.

I have always made a wreath for my door usually from things I find in the garden. You really don’t need to go out and buy one, they are easy to make. I also have greenery in the hallway, kitchen, and lounge. My cat likes to help a little too much for my liking.    

A Christmas tree in your home is, in my opinion, essential for creating a festive atmosphere for the season and is often a focal point for many family activities and traditions. For me, it all starts with choosing a tree and I love a real one because you can’t beat the earthy, pine scent. There’s really nothing else that feels more festive than visiting a Christmas tree shop and afterwards, having fun decorating it while you sip hot chocolate.

So, pull out your favourite Christmas jumper, jeans and boots and head to your local Christmas tree shop. Mine’s the local garden centre. Remember to take a few warm blankets, hats and scarves with you to help you stay warm! At the shop, decide what shape tree will work best in your home. Most Christmas trees are pyramid or cone shaped - the pyramid-shaped tree is taller and has a more elegant look while a cone shaped tree tends to be short (and may be dwarfed by other furniture in the room) with dense branches making it perfect for decorating with lots of baubles! Have fun choosing it, wrapping it and strapping it to the top of your car (or sticking it in the boot!) to make the drive back home. I have a reputation for choosing trees which are far too tall. I have driven home with a tree hanging out the boot on more than one occasion!!

Once home and the tree is up, the fun really begins as it’s time to decorate the Christmas tree. Once you’ve untangled the lights (tell me I am wrong), wrap them around the tree, add fun and your sentimental decorations and a topper - I love a traditional angel. I know I am supposed to have a star, but I have a very old sentimental angel. I don’t like tinsel so there’s no tinsel on my tree! I am sure there are many of you who won’t agree.

A perfectly decorated tree is not the goal here but to have an afternoon filled with laughter and memories is. To enhance the Christmas tree decorating experience - light some candles, play your favourite festive tunes and make a hot chocolate (or pour yourself a glass of fizz).

At the end of the day, turn off the house lights and marvel at your fabulous Christmas tree.

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