How to use your wool blanket

How to use a wool blanket

How to use a wool blanket or throw is a question I often get asked. Quite simply you can use your throw or blanket however you wish.

Before I get started, I feel it’s important to note that the term wool throw and blanket are used interchangeably. At Country Mouse, our wool throw and blankets are not your traditional satin edged bed blankets from the days of sheets and blankets. They can be used as an extra layer, but they are not bedding. Whilst both are made from wool, ours are more useful as they have more than one purpose. It is also with this in mind that we don’t stock extra-large or king size throws. They are just far too big and unwieldy for everyday snuggling use. However, we stock small wool blankets which are perfect as knee blankets, especially if you are working from home and just need to keep the chill off.


Blanket on a bed


A wool blanket is perfect as an extra layer on the bed. Especially when the temperature drops.

I love to leave a wool throw on the back of my favourite chair so I can wrap it around myself after I’ve been for a walk, sorted out the horse or I just want to snuggle up with a good book.

Another way of using a wool throw, is to leave it on the back of a sofa, again perfect for wrapping up in, draping over your knees or simply to cover your sofa. Plus, I think they loolk great and can add colour and interest to your room.

Wool Blanket on a chair

Leave a wool blanket on the back of your favourite chair. 


I often have customers who have bought a leather sofa and choose to sit on a soft cosy wool blanket. Our Klippan wool blankets from Sweden are perfect for this.

A wool throw can be purely decorative. They are great way for adding colour and texture to a room and look even better when blended with other throws for a fun layering effect.


 Snuggle up in a wool blanket

Wool blankets are perfect for snuggling up in on chilly days. Our Klippan wool blankets are thick, cosy and comforting.

 I often use wool throws outside in the warmer months. If I have friends over for dinner, leave a throw on the back of your guest’s chair so that they can use it wrap around themselves when it gets chilly. You can also use a throw to sit on in the garden or on the beach. Just simply give the throw a shake and sand or bits from the garden will fall off. That’s the beauty of wool.

wool blanket on a chair

Wool blankets can also be used outside.
If you are inspired to buy a wool blanket from Country Mouse, you can shop our website for a wide selection of colours, patterns and wools.

If you have any other ideas for using a wool throw, do let me know in the comments below.


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