Klippan Blankets

Klippan Blankets

Klippan blankets are a range of wool blankets that we stock here in the UK at Country Mouse. 

The Klippan mill is a Swedish mill who offer a fantastic range of designs and colours of wool blankets to suit your home and they are also a very good quality blanket.

Gotland Wool Blankets

The range includes Gotland Wool Blankets made from the wool of the Gotland sheep which is an ancient Swedish breed known for its thick, glossy wool. 


Gotland wool blankets


Swedish Eco Lambswool Blankets

The Klippan Blanket Swedish eco wool range is tested by an independent laboratory and are guaranteed to be free from pesticides. There is a wide range of colours and designs in the eco wool range and they aren't more expensive. Another reason to love Klippan Blankets.


Merino Wool Throws

Klippan make a lovely range of merino wool throws, which combine 25% recycled merino wool as well. Made in the classic herringbone pattern.



Wide range of Klippan Blankets

Klippan Blankets


There is a wide range of Klippan Blankets and here at Country Mouse we are very proud to be a UK stockist for Klippan. We keep a wide range of Klippan Blankets in stock, in the UK, so please do feel free to browse our Klippan blanket collection.


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