Merino wool blanket

Merino wool blanket

Merino wool blankets

Having sold merino wool blankets for over 10 years, I often get asked which is my favourite. Its very difficult to single out just one merino wool blanket.  I have got quite a few merino wool blankets in my home, and a few have become my favourites. I will try and narrow down my favourite merino blanket or blankets.

It's really difficult to try and narrow it down to just one, however, if I have to choose just one, I would probably have to go for a herringbone pattern in a pink so my favourite merino wool blanket has to be the cerise pink merino wool blanket. The reason why is, well, who doesn't love pink? and who doesn't love herringbone? There's nothing better than a soft cosy merino wool blanket. Herringbone is a classic pattern that will never date, and it seems that pink will always be popular.

A close second to being my favourite merino wool blanket is the saffron Milan. I know. It’s a totally different colour and pattern from my usual favourite colours, but the combination of oranges, sage and the repeat pattern, just shouts cosy season to me. I love nothing more than feeling warm and cosy, Its probably my way of coping with winter. I’m not a fan of winter and yearn for warm sunny days with long days of sunshine. Instead, I have a massive urge to hibernate and snuggling up with a merino blanket is perfect therapy for me.

I absolutely adore snuggling under a merino wool blanket on a cold chilly evening. I light the fire make myself a nice cup of tea. I know most of you will pull yourself a glass of something stronger however I am I am definitely a cup of tea girl, and I don’t mind if its caffeine or fruit tea. Either way I'm completely happy, I'm not a great drinker but being beside the fire with a good book and snuggle up in a gorgeous soft cosy merino blanket. That’s my happy place.

I find merino wool blankets are just the right size for wrapping around you in front of the fire. They’re also perfect for leaving on the back of your favourite chair or sofa so they're just there the moment you wish to snuggle up underneath them. A merino wool blanket can also be used in the summer. If you're having friends round and you are outside having some food and drink and it starts to get chilly just wrap a blanket around you, it just takes the chill off. If you're dining, is really nice for your guests if you leave a blanket over the back of their chair so it is just there to pop over their knees or wrap around them, so a merino wool blanket is incredibly versatile and this is another reason why I absolutely love having a wool blanket. Our merino blankets are a standard size, not king or xl. I find those far too big and cumbersome for general use.  

Merino blankets are incredibly soft and lightweight unlike thicker wool blankets, merino is lightweight. However, don't be put off by the fact that the merino blanket is light it's incredibly warm the fibres are long and their wavey and they will trap air between you and the throw keeping you nice and warm so the thicker the blanket is not always the warmer blanket. A Merino blanket, considering its weight is very warm but because it's a natural fibre also breathes which is another reason why I love to have a merino wool blanket.

Our merino blankets are available in many different colourways and patterns so you can choose from classic timeless herringbone to more complex patterns such as geometrics they're also available in check. Personally, I prefer the herringbone which is why the cerise merino is my favourite because that is also a herringbone and it's got a really pretty tassel fringe all of our merino throws and blankets or finish with a tassel fringe which just adds a little bit of interest. If you're really into your blanket stitch, you need to checkout J.J. textile blankets because they are available in both tassel and the blanket stitch styles.

You are welcome to browse my online shop and see if you can find your perfect merino wool blanket.

Please do let me know which is your favourite merino wool blanket and why.

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