Networking Gold: Helen Lloyd Connects with Theo Paphitis at SBS2024

In May 2023 I entered and won the SBS2024 Awards.

It stands for Small Business Sunday.

SBS2024 Notebook and pin badge

#SBS2024 Notebook and pin badge.

SBS started out as an idea 13 years ago. Theo Paphitis would retweet 6 businesses each week on a Sunday night if you applied to enter. Using Theo’s platform to support small businesses. As marketing your own small business can be a lonely job.

This has grown over the last 13 years into a leading small business network with over 4000 members.

To give some stats:

75% of SBS members have a turnover below £100k.

80% of the member are female.

65% of the members grew their business during 2023.

SBS are sponsored by larger businesses, such as Google, SumUp, NatWest, DHL.

SBS supports small businesses by connecting them together. Allowing people to make friends and grow their businesses. 

Helen Lloyd Country Mouse at SBS2024

Helen at SBS2024 Birmingham ICC

In February 2024, I travelled to Birmingham’s ICC to attend my first SBS networking event. I got my certificate and had my photograph taken with Theo Paphitis.

It was an amazing day. I met and spoke to the sponsors. I got to listen to the expert speakers. This included other small businesses who are further ahead in their business journeys.

I am grateful for the energy and platform that Theo brings to the SBS and everyone who has supported Country Mouse's journey in getting this far.

It is great to see what other small businesses have achieved by rethinking the norm.

I’ll leave a link to the SBS website for anyone interested in knowing more.

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