Orange wool throws and wool blankets

Orange wool throws and wool blankets

Country Mouse orange wool blankets and throws are made from merino lambswool, recycled wool or Swedish lambswool. All our orange wool blankets are available in a wide range of gorgeous shades of orange, ranging from mouth-watering citrus orange to darker richer tones such as terracotta and nougat and burnt rusty reds.

Orange wool blanket

Add a pop of colour with a citrus orange wool blanket  

An orange wool throw or blanket is the perfect way to add warm colour to your home. I find that brighter, citrus colours can actually make a room or space look and feel warm and cosy. Not only do orange wool throws and orange wool blankets look warm and cosy, they also help you feel warm, cosy and happy. Bright vibrant citrus orange can make a bold statement, whereas a warmer earthy orange such as a terracotta or nougat, can be sooting, yet warm.

Klippan Nougat wool blanket

Nougat Swedish wool blanket is a gorgeous warm earth tone for a subtle hint of orange. 

In my opinion, colours such as blue, green, grey and purple can help you feel cool, I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below for creating a cosy looking home.

Orange forms a wide sectrum of colours and Country Mouse has many different shades of orange wool blankets. I am sure you will find your perfect wool blanket in our lovely collection of orange wool throws

Not everyone likes pastels, I must confess that I love soft muted pinks, sages and blues. However, I know that they are not for everyone, Life would be very dull if we all liked the same colours.

Orange is a lovely warm colour which can range from bright hot citrus pops of colours through to darker warm earthier tones such as terracotta, rusts and burnt orange wool throws. earthy tones such as a darker rust and nougat which is almost brown, also find a place in the the orange collection. 

Whatever shade of orange you like, an orange wool throw will certainly add warmth and texture  and interestto your home.

Handpicked collection of orange wool throws

Our handpicked collection of orange wool throws and blankets have been woven in historic textile mills in Great Britain and Europe. Our orange wool throws and blankets are available in a range of wools including the soft luxurious merino lambswool,Gotland wool. Swedish lambswool and recycled wool. Our Swedish lambswool throw collection also includes an eco-lambswool and a recycled wool collection. So there is plenty to choose from.

Our Swedish lambswool throws are slightly larger and thicker. I think this makes them increadibly cosy. They are also slighly heavier than merino which just adds to their cosy snuggly feel.

orange wool blanket

Velvet rust Swedish wool blanket add a pop of colour to any room, Orange sits well with greens.

Orange wool throws can vary hugely in colour depending on the shade of orange, pattern and wool. Orange sits between yellow and red on the colour spectrum which is why there is such a range of tones within orange.

Our collection of orange wool throws and blankets overlaps slightly with caramel wool throws and mustard wool throws. These throws also merge into our yellow wool throw collection. This is perfect for those of you who want a more complex orange wool throw such as our Klippan eco lambswool caramel throw or the Klippan preppy mustard throw.

This is equally true if you want a throw that is more complex and interesting than just a herringbone wool throw. The popular Swedish lambswool throw, Knut orange is an interesting pattern with an ecru base. The other highly popular orange wool throw is the velvert rust. This wool blanket has an interesting velvet honeycomb pattern. The beauty of this throw is that it will blend really well with a wide range of other colours and will look fabulous with a sage green or other orange wool throws.

5 orange wool throws which I think are perfect for adding colour, warmth and texture to your home

I have selected 5 orange wool throws which I think are perfect for adding colour, warmth and texture to your home. Plus, the colour orange is going to make you feel warm and cosy regardless of which shade or pattern you choose.

  • Klippan Velvet Rust Lambswool throw.

For those who want to add a bright statement pop of colour to your life and home, this is the wool throw for you. Vibrant citrus orange with a gorgeous honeycomb design and a reverse ecru colourway on the reverse which gives you options for styling. This is the perfect wool throw for those who want and love bright colours.

  •  Klippan Orange wool throw

This wool throw has a vibrant orange and is similar to the Klippan velvet saffron throw but is cooled by the ecru base and interesting weave. The throw is still bright and cheerful. I just love unique pattern that is woven through the woollen throw.

  •  Klippan Preppy Mustard lambswool throw

This wool throw from Klippan blankets, is one of those throws that sits near the yellow end of orange wool throws. It’s a perfect choice for those who don’t want a bright vibrant pop of colour, but still want to add a warm colour wool throw to their home.

I would describe this wool throw as orange mustard. The throw is woven onto an ecru base with a really interesting pattern woven through it which adds interest and cools the colour. Personally, I think this adds balance to the weave.

  • Harald Rust eco lambswool throw.

Harald rust is a really rich reddish orange with a gorgeous repeat pattern. The throw has a grey band at the base which softens te blanket. I think this blanket is really versatile and will easily blend with warm soft neutrals, oranges and greens.


  • Klippan caramel lambswool throw is again, on the warm mustard end of the orange wool spectrum. Caramel is a warm earthy orange-mustard colour. It is perfect for those who want to add to a warm cosy colour a room . The weave on this wool throw is called chevron which I think, is a classic pattern and will blend with a range a range of other patterns. This gorgeous Swedish lambswool throw, is woven from eco lambswool. Eco lambswool is totally free of pesticides and no chemicals or antibiotics have been used during the breeding of the sheep.

Harald rust orange wool blanket

Harald rust is one of our eco lambswool throws. A gorgous rich deep orange tone.

Enjoy the feeling of warmth, cosiness and happiness

Whichever orange wool throw you choose, I am sure you will enjoy the feeling of warmth, cosiness and happiness just by adding warm colour to your home. The choice of wool throw is a matter of personal preference, but I do think that there is nothing better than snuggling under a thick cosy wool throw on a chilly evening. Please do take a look at my orange wool throw collection in the online shop to see what is currently available to buy.

Please let me know what your favourite colourful wool throw is and if you have bought a wool throw from us then please do leave a review for us. We appreciate all the feedback. 

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