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Orange wool throws

Orange wool throws - shades of orange, burnt orange, cinnamon and saffron wool throws

Orange, burnt orange, pumpkin, saffron, earth tones all read a bit like a colour chart for wool throws.

Trying to choose a warm, rich colour can seem like a minefield.

Orange is a colour which sits between red and yellow. Orange can range from very bright and vibrant to almost deep terracotta. It’s a complex and rich warm colour with plenty of depth.

Our orange and orange based wool throws are available in a range of patterns and wools. Each pattern has a different shade and will suit those who want a hint of warmth to those who want a more complex colour.

Country Mouse top picks for orange wool throws.

  • Saffron herringbone wool throw
Saffron herringbone merino wool throw

Our top picks are a herringbone merino wool throw. This throw is a soft saffron colour. This is a very subtle but warm shade. It is a muted tangerine orange. This merino wool throw is perfect for those who want a subtle hint of colour.

  • Saffron milan merino wool throw.
Saffron milan merino wool throw

Our next pick is the saffron milan. This throw is a complex geometric throw which is reminiscent of the Welsh tapestry blankets. This throw has a wonderful blend of beige, burnt orange and cream tones.

  • Saffron diamond merino wool throw.
Saffron diamond merino wool throw

The saffron diamond is much more of a burnt orange or rich pumpkin colour. This merino wool throw is perfect for someone wishing to add a pop of colour to their home. This throw also has a diamond pattern which adds texture and interest.

  • Antique Buchanan tartan wool throw
Antique Buchanan tartan wool throw

Our Antique Buchanan tartan throw which is available in merino lambswool and new wool, is a wonderful blend of rich burnt orange and earth tones. This throw is a really popular tartan and just evokes cosy nights in.

  • Saffron check merino wool throw
Saffron check merino wool throw

Finally, our saffron check throw is a popular choice due its range of oranges and warm tones. It’s a very versatile throw. The throw has a repeat check pattern in a wonderful blend of rich cinnamon, burnt orange, cream and grey tones.

Much loved wool throws.

All of our merino wool throws will add warmth and a texture to your home. Whether you want a pop of colour, a statement throw or just a throw to snuggle under on chilly evenings. Our orange wool throws will be a much loved interior accessory.

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