Solmate Mismatched Socks in the UK

Solmate Socks UK

My husband fell in love with Solmate’s mismatched socks several years ago, while walking around a trade fair and convinced me to become a UK stockist here at Country Mouse.

He’s since become an avid fan, so much so that post Covid working 100% from home, Solmate socks have become his number one go to socks to get the day started.

Solmate socks are made from recycled cotton and other recycled materials. This gives them all the benefits that natural fibres bring, such as being very absorbent and keeping your feet healthy, along with also being hard wearing and easy to wash.

How do Solmate socks make you feel in the morning?

Pulling on a pair of mismatched socks in the morning immediately puts a great big grin on your face. They are so bright and colourful that they just instantly brighten up the dullest morning.

Bright and cheerful.

As the day progresses – you only have to look down at your feet to feel bright and cheerful. You just can’t help smile as you look at your feet.

For me – my favourite Solmate socks at the moment are either the Dahlia or Cosmos. Both designs are really fun a bright, and certainly stand out in your sock drawer when you go to look for them.

So, whether you want to brighten up your own day, or send a little thank you gift to a friend, a pair of Solmate socks will certainly stand out, and go a long way.

Please do check out the full range of Solmate socks currently available at Country Mouse.

P.S Update - as of February 2024, he's still wearing Solmate socks. (Not the same pair! Ugh.)

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