Solmate socks UK

Solmate socks UK

My husband fell in love with solmate socks at a trade show. It really was love at first sight. I placed an order and they have been flying out of my website.  I absolutely love being a UK stockist for solmate socks.

Wonderfully mismatched Solmate socks

Solmate socks are wonderfully mismatched, multi patterned  fun socks which will most certainly cheer up not only your sock drawer but your footwear.

Solmate socks are not just available in bright funky colours, there are also pastel and muted tones. The one thing they all have in common is that they really stand out and quite often become a talking point. They really are so different. If a pair of black socks are your thing, I urge you to add some colour and fun into your life.

Feel good factor

Solmate socks are not just about bright and funky patterns, they also have a feel good factor. They are made from recycled cotton. The socks are warm and cosy and perfect for padding about the house, wearing to festivals, camping or in shoes and boots. 

Some patterns and colours are stand out favourites.  

  • Ocean. This pattern is one of my all time favourite designs. The lovely blues and greens of the sock blend well together, but its the turtle on the side of the socks that I just love. 
Ocean Solmate socks UK
  • Nutmeg are another of my favourite Solmate designs. Warm muted earth tones with hints of grey.
Nutmeg Solmate Socks UK
  • Gemstone is a great choice if you want to add a bright bold pop of colour to your footwear.
Gemstone Solmate socks UK

    One pair of Solmate socks is never enough

    Whichever pattern you choose, you will very quickly realise that one pair of Solmate socks is not enough. I have many customers who repeatedly come back for more as they love them so much. 

    If you are UK based and want to buy solmate socks, we have just the pair for you.

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