Solmates socks


Solmates - mismatched socks available in the UK

Solmates give soul to your feet.

There’s nothing quite like a lovely pair of Solmates to brighten up your feet. Trust me, they are usually a talking point and can certainly work as an ice breaker. People absolutely love Solmates and will look at them, then take a second look and then try and work out if they are a matching pair or not. Of course, they’re a matching pair, but they don’t match in a conventional sense!

Solmates make great gift ideas, all year round.

Solmates are brilliant as stocking filler ideas, but given the wide variety of colours and patterns, they can be bought as little thank you gifts all year round. There is always a pair of Solmates to match the season. If you’re looking for a summer gift, you could try Orchid or Honeybee Solmates.

Solmate socks themselves are made from recycled cotton, taken from pre-consumer waste, which means Solmates collect remnants from T-shirt factories that would normally go to landfill, the grind down that cotton waste and re-spin it into yarns to be made into Solmates.

Solmate socks review

Since becoming a UK stockist of Solmates, it has given me the opportunity to wear quite a few pairs of Solmate Crew Socks and really try them out. I have worn them in my hiking boots on walks around Wiltshire, as well as my welly boots at the yard. I’ve found they keep my feet warm and they don’t fall down, so I have been really pleased both with wearing them and also the comments I’ve received. You can see the style/fit of the Solmate Crew Socks in the photos, they come midway up your calf, with the name Crew Sock being the style or fit of the sock.

Country Mouse is a UK stockist of Solmates socks.

So if you’re looking for a pair of thick cotton socks with excellent eco credentials, take a look at a pair of Solmates. They’ll certainly brighten up your day.

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