Sustainable Comfort. Discover the Benefits of Recycled Wool Blankets

Recycled Wool Blankets.

Recycled wool blankets and throws on a bench

Recycled wool blankets are the perfect balance of sustainable comfort with all the benefts of wool.

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the need to live a much more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. This is why recycled wool blankets have become an increacingly popular choice at Country Mouse. These recycled wool blankets are made from excess woollen material and yarn left over from the production of other wool blankets, creating an eco-friendly British wool blanket which is totally unique. Our recycled wool blankets are not only beautiful and unique, they also have a wide range of benefits.

Recycled wool blankets

Recycled wool blankets are increadibly versatile. Enjoy using them in the home and the garden.

Our recycled wool blankets retain all the benefits of our other wool blankets but have the added bonus of being recycled, from wool that would have otherwise gone to waste. They still provide warmth, breathability and are perfect for sustainable living. With their ability to provide warmth and comfort, recycled wool blankets are rapidly becoming a staple in sustainable living.

A Sustainable Choice

Sustainable living is crucial in our efforts to ensure that our planet will continue to thrive for generations to come. It involves a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize waste, while still enjoying the luxuries of modern living.

Recycled wool blankets are a perfect example of sustainable living. They are manufactured from excess yarn and wool left over from the manufacture of other wool blankets, which otherwise would have gone to waste. By buying products made from recycled materials we are creating demand, using recycled fibres and helping to reduce waste. According to a report in The Circular The United Kingdom produces 206.456 tonnes of textile waste in a year.Out of the 3.1kg of textile waste each Briton produces every year, only 0.3kg are recycled and 0.4 kg are reused. However, 0.8kg are incinerated yearly per person and 1.7kg are disposed of in landfills. I find that astounding. I urge you to create demand for recycled products.

This sustainable approach to manufacturing recycled wool blankets means that fewer resources, such as water and energy, are used in the production process. The result is a more environmentally friendly product that does not leave a significant carbon footprint. As a consumer, choosing recycled wool blankets can be a small but meaningful act to reduce your environmental impact.

Recycled wool blankets offer many other benefits beyond sustainability. One of the most important benefits of wool is its insulating properties. It helps regulate body temperature, keeping us warm in colder weather and cool in hotter weather. Wool is also naturally moisture-wicking, meaning it absorbs and releases moisture, preventing sweating and clamminess, which is ideal for ensuring comfortable sleep.

Benefits of wool blankets

Our recycled wool blankets are available in a wide variety of colours. The beauty of recycled wool blankets is that no two blankets are the same and the colours will be different with each delivery that arrives at Country Mouse, making them unique in your home.

They offer the perfect blend of beauty and functionality as they are perfect for leaving on the back of your favourite chair or sofa or as an extra layer on the bed. Our recycled wool throws are not as soft and cosy as our Swedish or merino, but they have a feel-good factor and all the benefits of wool.

Recycled wool blankets are a sustainable choice, plus keeping the benefits of wool. Each one has a wide variety of colours woven into it; you can always find a space in your home that suits. Our recycled wool blankets are so versatile, that they make a great blanket for taking on trips out.

Make your dream home with a recycled wool blanket

Caring your Recycled Wool Blankets

To care for your, recycled wool blankets, it is essential to maintain their quality so that they last for years to come. Follow these tips to keep your blankets looking and feeling their best:


  1. Follow Care Instructions – Always refer to the care instructions on the label of your recycled wool blanket before washing. If in doubt, opt for a gentle hand wash with a mild wool detergent. You can also just spot clean. Dab, do not rub.


  1. Avoid Harsh Detergents – Harsh detergents can damage the wool fibres in your blanket, causing them to become brittle and break. Instead, opt for a mild, wool-specific detergent or natural soap. Do not use fabric conditioner.


  1. Air Dry – Avoid putting your recycled wool blanket in the dryer, as high temperatures can shrink and damage the fibres. Instead, air dry the blanket flat or hang it over a drying rack. Wool dries quite quickly.


  1. Shake Out Regularly – Give your blanket a good shake to remove any loose fibres or bits that may have accumulated on the blanket.


  1. Store Correctly – Store your recycled wool blanket in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Use a cotton or muslin bag to protect it from dust and dirt. Even better, use your wool blanket all year round.

By following these tips, you can enjoy your sustainable and eco-friendly recycled wool blankets for many years to come, knowing that you are doing your part in protecting the environment.


Supporting the Environment Through Your Purchasing Decisions

In addition to enjoying the beauty and comfort of recycled wool blankets, your purchasing decision can also have a positive impact on the environment. Choosing recycled wool blankets over synthetic options significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Here are a few ways your purchase can support the environment:

Reducing Carbon Emissions – The production of synthetic materials requires a significant amount of energy and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing recycled wool blankets, you are supporting a more environmentally friendly production process and reducing your carbon footprint.

Diverting Waste from Landfills – Each year, millions of tons of clothing and textiles end up in landfills. By choosing recycled wool blankets, you are helping to divert waste from landfills and reduce the amount of textile waste that contributes to environmental pollution.

Supporting Sustainable Livelihoods – Choosing UK-made, recycled wool blankets supports local communities and sustainable livelihoods. Supporting sustainable practices in the textile industry can have a positive impact on the environment and people's lives.

By making conscious purchasing decisions, you can make a positive impact on the environment and support sustainable practices in the textile industry. Choosing recycled wool blankets is one small step towards a more sustainable future.

If you are inspired to purchase a recycled wool blanket, you can do so from Country Mouse.

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